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Turn your experience into online course.

Everything you need for stunning course creation πŸ’₯

Welcome! My name is Ieva.

A bit too much plant-obsessed. Passionate about all things related to online business, traveling and minimalism.

My superpower is turning any skill and experience into a best-selling online course!

I’ve been helping 1:1 service providers, coaches and long-term offline entrepreneurs to turn their experiences into online courses since 2015.Β And now I’m bringing all of this experience to you!

Ieva Laicane - Your Course Creation Lab

Do it yourself.

If you’re ready to take the leap into the world of online courses, get started with my courses!


Mini Offer Goldmine

Start by learning how to create and sell lower-priced, smaller offers that can still make a bank AND build trust in your audience.

Improve your user experiences

Launch w/ Insta

Build engaged Instagram audience and learn how to create a profitable digital product launch on Insta!Β 

I just happened to stumble across Ieva on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did because Ieva’s been so efficient and has offered me so much value. Thank you!!

Work with me.

If you’d like to have more support or possible even outsource your course creation process fully, make sure to review your options to work with me!

I help creatives to turn their ideas into courses.

After years of creating courses, I’ve become a one-stop shop for all things course-related.


There are various ways how we can work together, including more of a guidance and coaching in a form of a Strategy call, as well as 1:1 work like course design and setup.Β 

Ieva's help took so much off of my plate as I created my signature course. She was prompt, efficient, and responded to all of my edits without a hitch. I couldn't have gotten this course completed in time without her!