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Behind the scenes of creating a membership: ups & downs of my first 2 month

Behind the scenes of creating a membership: ups & downs of my first 2 month

It’s been two months and now feels like as good time as any to reveal some behind the scenes of creating a membership! Let’s go through the ups & downs of my first 2 months in Your Course Creation Membership.


For years, I had a thought of creating a membership website but this thought came along with various excuses why not to…

How will I manage to create consistent content all the time?
Who will join?
Is it really worth the time investment?

These were just a few of the thoughts I had along the way…

I left the idea behind over and over again.

Until I realized that it’s the only right way to go in my business.

This article will be a bit different from my usual posts and will go in-depth into some practical, as well as personal behind the scenes of actually making this happen!


Behind the scenes of creating a membership: ups & downs of my first 2 month


Behind the scenes of creating a membership

How did I decide to create a membership?

For years, I’ve created various online courses that have brought me a good dose of passive income. However, I was always driven to work on yet another project as soon as the one at hand was launched…

I found myself in a bit of a rut. While I loved creating new content all the time, my marketing efforts were running in circles as I had no solid ground for WHAT to market – there was always something new happening!

I used to have my “signature course” that was a success but gave me more anxiety than happiness…

I was thinking about creating a set of smaller courses and just base my business on them…

Then again, I was always driven to create more. If it wasn’t a course, it was a new freebie or tens of blog posts at a time.

At some point, I even considered creating new Instagram posts every single day just because I had so much to say…

And then something triggered me.

I suddenly felt like there really is no time like now to start that membership website!

I have proven myself that my audience enjoys my content…
I have plenty of content ideas and I’ve committed to content creation for the past 7yrs and don’t see it changing…
I had SO many ideas I wanted to share and so many different questions I wanted to help with.

It was time.

And on December 1st, 2021, without much of the preplanning, Your Course Creation Membership was born!


The technical side of setting up a membership

As I’ve been using Teachable for my courses for years, I knew I want to stay on the platform for my membership as well.

Therefore, all I had to do was to create a new product, add all of my existing courses in there plus prepare some additional Masterclasses to have some fresh content good to go.

Then, I created a subscription-based payment for this and launched the offer!

My other courses are still available as stand-alone courses as well but I always promote them along with the membership as a better deal.

After the first month, I also decided to create a community for the membership. As it’s not a built-in feature on Teachable, I used their partner program Circle.so to get started (if you signed up for them via Teachable’s referral, you get double the access for free plus double the features available all through).

Once I signed up on Circle.so I realized that I REALLY enjoy the platform. Even if I wouldn’t have my Teachable account, I might’ve created full membership there as well (the management side of it might be a bit tricky though).

One other boost to make the community happen was Kickstart Your Course Creation CHALLENGE which started early Jan and I wanted for it to have a community space included.


The biggest challenges of running a membership

While I absolutely ADORE my membership model and am truly thankful that I decided to take this step, not everything about it is all that pretty.

CHALLENGE no.1: Setting boundaries is hard!

When someone joins the membership, I truly want to help them in the best way I can.

Most of my students have reached out to me with various course-related questions and I always do my best to reply to their requests asap. However, the reality of this is that it takes A LOT of time, even if there are only 5-10 reaching out…

Now, I’ve implemented community space so the process is more streamlined and I can answer in a convenient time for me. Plus, my students can also support each other along the way.

CHALLENGE no.2: The constant thought of “is this enough?!”

Although I know for sure that my membership is incredibly valuable, the little nagging voice in my head never shuts up.

Is it enough? Is there enough content? Is it good enough? Am I covering everything?

The membership is still new and my members know it. So their expectations have been leveraged right from the beginning. However, the voice in my head seems quite persistent…

CHALLENGE no.3: Content management

While this definitely is my favorite part of the process, content management and pre-planning can be quite stressful as well.

At the end of the day, I have to not only provide useful guidance but also try to align with my existing members and their exact needs so I can cater my existing audience as well as IΒ  can.

Still learning to find the perfect balance!


The first two months of running my own membership in numbers

Creating a membership genuinely has been the best business decision I’ve ever made. I have never felt as aligned and content. I’m still madly inspired by what I do and I get more and more confident in my own ideas, all the time.

However, if you look at the numbers alone, one could argue that it might have gone better…

(For me though, the results seem more than worth it!)

  • Within the first few days, I had around 8 signups for the BETA group of $12/monthly. From there, there was 1 unsubscribe on the following day. The rest are still an active members!
  • Through December, the signups slowed down as it was a Holiday season and I wasn’t sharing as much about the space either.
  • Then, as I started promoting Kickstart Your Course Creation CHALLENGE, I experienced a consistent flow of new members. Sometimes one per day, sometimes two, other times just a day or two being all quiet in between.
  • This resulted in almost 30 members by the end of January, 2022. As this is a fresh-in membership and I haven’t had much of a chance to promote it just yet, I’m SO excited about this outcome.
  • As of now, it brings me around $470/monthly – passively, in a way. But as the membership grows, this number has an unlimited potential to grow and it makes me SO excited!

Your Course Creation Membership: Plan, create & scale your online course

My marketing strategy and membership growth plan from here on

The main plan for the membership is to get consistent new Masterclass updates and, therefore, have new content to market every single month.

As of now, I’m planning to launch 2-4 new Masterclasses monthly, depending on the length and the topic. Later down the line, I’ll settle at two Masterclasses monthly.

Besides that, starting in April, I also want to invite some guest experts to share their Masterclasses with my audience as well. Plus do some interviews and other inspirational types of content too. (If you want to participate or share your story, let me know!)

Most of my marketing will still be focused on Instagram as it has been my main go-to marketing method for the past year or so.

I have a MAJOR vision in my mind for this Membership and I’ll do my best to truly make it all happen!


Cheers to many more months (and years!) ahead! ✨✨✨

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