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The best online course creation platforms for starters

The best course creation platforms for starters

How to choose the best fit platform for your course creation? Here’s a comparison of the best online course platforms for starters!


If you are ready to level-up your business with online course creation, choosing a platform you’re comfortable working with can make or break your online course creation experience.

And that’s really the key here – to choose a platform YOU’RE COMFORTABLE WORKING WITH. See what I did there?!

Everyone has their own preferences. Some will like minimal, clear platforms with simple features. Others will want more in-depth creative solutions and will embrace the learning curve if needed. We all have our own!

But I’m here to give you a comparison of the best online course platforms for starters so you have something to consider.


What does a course creation platform do?!

Course creation platforms provide you the necessary tools to publish and sell your online courses. They DO NOT create and sell the course for you though. If you need help in your course creation, check out my offer!

So, let’s say you have the content ready: some presentations, possibly even some videos and worksheets. How to deliver this to your audience? This is where such platforms come in.

Most of these platforms have rather similar features. You can:

  • Upload your content
  • Create/design Sales pages
  • Integrate payment getaways (connect with Stripe, PayPal or other features)
  • Gather student info like email, signup date, etc.


The best online course creation platforms for starters


Comparison of the best online course creation platforms for starters

I’ve tried and tested plenty of different course creation platforms but my favorite is clear: it’s Teachable!

However, let’s review your options.



Teachable is cost-effective, easy to use and with a great offer! It’s not too complicated for starters but it isn’t “cheap-looking” either. Besides that, they have an amazing team that is always working on additional updates.

Another major plus these days is that they’ve also created a Coaching platform. So if you’re a coach looking into course creation, this might be the perfect fit for you!

I’ve been using Teachable for 5 years and it was my first course creation platform as well. As much as I have tried and tested other options, I always come back to them!

They offer a 14-day free trial and then it’s starting from $29/monthly which is one of the most budget-friendly options.

Can a course be created for free instead?!



Ideal for those who want to sell more than just online courses. This platform offers to create your own digital marketplace where you can sell courses, e-books, subscriptions and other digital products.

Podia is perfect for those who prefer simplicity over complicated systems. Their biggest downfall is their Sales page designs – they come out rather simple and often just plain boring. However, if the design is not your jam anyway, you might as well roll with it.

They offer a 14-day free trial and then it’s starting from $39/monthly.



This platform is rather similar to Teachable with one major benefit – you can get started for free! However, it is not as effective when it comes to design customization.

Thinkific, just like Teachable, is focused on online course creation. It will give you a chance to upload your content, brand-align the user interface, create the sales page and set up a payment getaway.

They have a free plan available with some limited features. From there, it’s starting from $39/monthly.



Kajabi wouldn’t generally be considered as the option for starters but if you’re looking forward to having an all-in-one business platform, this might be it!

Kajabi offers it all: website creation, storing and selling online courses, e-books and other digital products, creating email marketing funnels and way beyond.

However, it can be quite overwhelming for a starter and generally their offer is not worth it UNLESS you truly use most of the offered features.

Therefore, if online course creation is going to be your focus, make sure to consider another platform instead to save yourself some time and sanity.

They offer a 14-day free trial and from there it’s starting from $119/monthly.


How to know which platform will be the best choice for you?

First of all, I suggest giving a go to the free trials for the platforms you’re the most interested in. This trial run will help you to see the backend of their offer and understand how good you feel managing it.

The truth is, most people go with what they feel will be the best. So let your intuition lead the way! And you can always switch it up along the way.

I always suggest starting with Teachable not only because it’s my favorite platform but also because my clients have always had the best experience with it.

However, if you are looking forward to selling more than just courses and want to keep it simple for now, go for Podia!

But if you’re ready to dive head-first and you don’t have a website or email marketing system just yet, Kajabi could be the best choice for you.


This comparison of the best online course platforms for starters was just a quick insight into some of the most popular options but there is a sea of other variations out there if none of these feel like a good fit for you.

My general suggestion would be to NOT OVERTHINK IT and get started. At the end of the day, you can learn how to manage any of these platforms!


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