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Not ready for a course? Here’s what to do before course creation instead

Not ready for a course? Here's what to do before course creation instead

You’ve been thinking about creating an online course but are not ready to build it just yet? What can you do before course creation that will ultimately help your offer later down the road? This post will explore the best options!


Course creation truly can be a bit scary and time-consuming process, especially, if you don’t really have a plan in place just yet. What to do if you’re not ready for a course yet but would like to get closer to making it happen?

There are quite many smaller actions you can take along the way to make sure that once you’re ready for your digital course creation, you can easily get the best out of this experience.

Not ready for a course? Here's what to do before course creation instead

What to do before course creation?

Create relevant freebies and build your mailing list

Having a mailing list will ALWAYS be a good idea and if you haven’t hopped on that train just yet – THE TIME IS NOW.

However, you shouldn’t just create all kinds of random free offers without tapping into your audience’s actual needs. You want to make sure that you attract those who will be interested in what you’re about to sell later down the road!

You probably already have a course idea so create freebies related to it. This way, you’ll grow your audience with people who will be interested in your offer once it’s ready.

Your freebie can be like the first step they should take before joining your course or something that will help them to explore all the must-know details before taking the next step.

Don’t stop at just one free offer or one type of freebie. Give a chance to various options to see which one will do the best with your audience!

You can learn more in Your First $1K (in course sales) Masterclass.

Work on your low-ticket offers

Focus on some smaller offers that will, eventually, be the guiding light to your course. These can be webinars, workshops, mini courses.

Such offers should be lower-priced, ideally from $7 to $29 or so. This will give a low threshold for them to manage before making the decision to buy.

Plus it’s an amazing way how to build trust within your audience and nourish more personal relationships. Usually, people will want to purchase some smaller offers before high-end investments can be made.

Spend time on research

This definitely is as good time as any to spend some more time on research.

Create Instagram polls, evaluate your post stats, get into Facebook groups, send questionnaires to your audience, research what your competitors are up for & just brainstorm some ideas.

There are many different ways how you can go about this, find the best fit for you and your audience.

Doing decent research before you come up with your course content is CRUCIAL for your success. I see so often people creating courses based on what THEY want versus what THEIR AUDIENCE needs. Don’t make this costly mistake!

Grow your Instagram account

IG can be a crucial player in making sales.

Focus on growing your Instagram instead. Provide the value, show up and grow your tribe!

Instagram is my personal favorite space to build connections, grow audience and showcase my experience. It has also proven to be the best space to make consistent sales and create the buzz about my offers. If you’re not on Instagram just yet, make sure to read this post: How can Instagram grow your coaching business?


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