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How can Instagram grow your coaching business?

How can Instagram grow your coaching business?

Instagram is a powerful platform for creating a community and selling close to anything. If you’re thinking about getting started on Instagram as an online coach but seem to lack the motivation, it’s time to explore how Instagram can help to grow your coaching business?!


If you’re in the very beginning of exploring what different platforms can offer you as a coach, Instagram definitely is one of the platforms to look into first.

It’s well known that Instagram is one of the MOST popular social media along with Facebook and TikTok. However, a bystander might not even know the actual BUBBLES of different communities that exist on Instagram.

I was recently at my mom’s birthday and my dad started telling how he checks Insta in the evenings to “unwind”. He went on to explain how he’s watching videos about different roof setup methods, reels about home heating and more. And I was like WHAT? IS THAT A THING?!

I’m an online course creator and most of what I see on Instagram is online business owners, their business promos, all kinds of valuable posts they share. I never even thought that roof setup guys (honestly, how are they even called?!) would be interested in creating REELS.

But this just proved my point. Instagram is there for everyone.

So Instagram definitely has the power to grow your coaching business!


How can Instagram grow your coaching business?


How can Instagram help you to grow your coaching business?

It’s important to find your audience and actually make use of Instagram not only be there because someone told you so.

What can you do to make it happen? You can learn some more Instagram growth hacks here! 

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Clarify your audience

First, you need to be sure who’s your perfect audience, who do you want to speak with? Who will BUY from you? Who will want to work with you?

On Instagram, it’s easy to fall into the trap of following peers instead of your perfect audience.

On one side, it can be very valuable to do so for your own business! You might build new connections within your niche and actually learn from others a ton.

But now, we should focus on your PERFECT AUDIENCE, instead of your peers.

You need to get in front of the people who would be interested in getting what you’re offering.

So once you’ve figured out who will be the perfect person on the other end, start connecting with them!

Figure out how can you provide the value

This is where many coaches and creatives fall short. They have figured out that they need to use Instagram (check!) to connect with their perfect audience (check!) but… where to go from there?

Creating VALUABLE and useful content is very crucial. Think how can you entertain and inform your audience? What are RELATED fun and inspiration posts you could share? What information your audience is searching for?

Posting selfies won’t cut it! You should focus on proving your experience and providing as much value as you can.

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Keep showing up

The last point of making use of Instagram is also an integral part of the success: you must show up, be present!

This doesn’t mean using Instagram 24/7, no. However, you should spend some time daily to connect with your audience, engage, build these connections and providing value.

The best way to do this, besides basics like commenting on other’s posts and engaging with their stories, you also should SHOW UP on Stories yourself. Especially if you want to grow your coaching business and earn new clients from your Instagram!!


What are the benefits of using Instagram for your coaching business?

I think most of the benefits can already be spotted through the article. But one of the main reasons to be on Instagram is to build real connections.

Instagram is such a seamless platform to grow an authentic audience! Features like Stories make it so easy to become a part of someone’s life and also invite them into yours as well. This naturally builds trust and created connections that really can last!

From there, you get a chance to easily promote your offers and reach out to your perfect audience with no barriers – they are already there, already watching you and interacting! You just have to make the pitch.


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