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Make more sales with these 5 ideas

Make more sales with these 5 ideas

Effective marketing is THE KEY to any profitable online (and offline!) business. This one is for you if you want to make more sales but struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. These actionable tips will help you to explore a new perspective and explore what YOU can do to make more sales in your business.


There’s a simple strategy to start making more sales:
content = traffic = income

However, many creators tend to overfocus only on one or two parts of this strategy and end up struggling to generate consistent income.

If you’ve created several passive income products but have made close to zero sales, I feel you. If you’ve, again and again, put something out there but hear just crickets, we’ve all been there…

Besides the ideas shared before, I also want to invite you to GIVE THINGS TIME. Often whatever strategy you have in place actually can be golden – if you give it enough time.

But if you feel like you’re kind of running out of time at this point and you’re ready to reboot your sales and see if a new perspective might help, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are a few ideas to consider to make more sales online.

Make more sales with these 5 ideas

Actionable steps that’ll help you to make more sales

TIP TO MAKE MORE SALES NO.1: A mindset shift

A very popular opinion online is to grow your tribe by giving things for free, also known as freebies. Wherever you turn, we see free e-books, free courses, free masterclasses.

And yes, it is a bulletproof formula for growing your mailing list and, in my experience, a must-do in your business.

However, there is a fine line between offering something for free to grow your audience versus feeling like nothing seems to be of any value, as there must be something else like that already out there and probably available for free.

Especially if you’re at the beginning point of your business, you might undervalue yourself and your offers, you might feel like you should give it all away for free or for a low-price. But that’s definitely NOT the case.

What to do instead?

Create a few niche-focused and valuable freebies. But from there, start creating sellable products. And, at the end of the day, just as anything can be given away for free – anything can also be sold!

How to know when it’s enough?

  • Your freebie(-s) should give results. If your mailing list is growing, let it be! If you still want your list to be improved and you feel like your freebies aren’t hitting the sweet spot, experiment more.
  • If you’re in a neverending circle of creating and promoting your freebies only and you’re not making ANY money from this effort, it’s time to reboot AND START SELLING.
  • If your audience isn’t responding. Have you ever thought that your audience might be a high-ticket crowd and they literally don’t need your freebies? Maybe they’re ready to buy, take the action and jump right in. This is not very common but it can be the case!


TIP TO MAKE MORE SALES NO.2: Talk about your goddamn products

Geez, this must be even bigger than that mindset shift.


No, you don’t need to add a link to your product at the end of every paragraph. But how the hell will people know you’ve got stuff to sell IF YOU’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT IT??

Here are some actionable tips to start making more sales:

  • Mention and link your products in relevant posts
  • Review your old posts to make sure you have linked all the new products
  • Create in-post graphics leading to the product
  • Create pins leading to your products
  • Share about your products on Instagram Stories, create Reels, go Live
  • Mention them in any other social media you have

You might not that all of the above should be on your to-do list but now it’s time to review how much of it are you actually doing consistently?

Sharing a link once a week will not improve your sales by any means. It’s important to understand that you OWN A BUSINESS. Selling should be a part of your regular schedule.

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TIP TO MAKE MORE SALES NO.3: Try new strategies, evaluate, experiment, try again

Many online entrepreneurs learn a tactic or two, get comfortable with this business module and detest the rest.

If you’re not making enough sales, maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and TRY NEW THINGS.

There are so many different opportunities in the online marketing world – don’t miss out!

Yes, not everything will work for you – and not everything is meant to. But how about giving it a try and then evaluating yourself?

Here are some of the ideas!

Tripwire product

This means that you’re giving away a freebie and then, after the signup, do an instant sale.

A tripwire product is something of a high value provided at an incredibly low price. A tripwire product can be anything that supports the initial freebie + will be interesting for your audience.

The most successful tripwire products will be priced quite low. However, you can also try selling more expensive products!

It can be a profitable part of your sales funnel!

Evergreen funnel

Talking about funnels… If you don’t have one just yet, you might want to consider creating an evergreen funnel to make more sales.

An evergreen funnel means that your audience has a clear path from getting to know you to purchasing your product.

Usually, evergreen funnels include the following elements:

  • A sales page promoting your free offer. You can check out my freebies for some inspiration!
  • A welcome page, inviting people into your universe
  • Instead of a welcome page, you can also do a tripwire product that I have described above
  • From there, your audience receives a welcome email sequence that gives them a chance to get to know you and your audience. We have a template for Welcome Emails in Your Course Creation Membership!
  • And after this sequence, they will receive sales emails. When and how these are send out will depend on the offer and the exact sequence, there are quite a few variations.

Having an evergreen funnel in place can help you to make more sales on autopilot!

Live masterclass

Online webinars – or Live Masterclasses – are a powerful way of building trust. By talking about what you know and showing your personality, you’ll gain more potential customers way faster than with any other marketing method out there!

To do a Live Masterclass, you don’t have to use any specific tech or sign up for webinar platforms. You can do it on Zoom!

Create a simple sales page, set up the date and time, and share the page. This is a great way to grow your mailing list and connect with your audience.

Later you can use this Live Masterclass as an evergreen funnel element.


TIP TO MAKE MORE SALES NO.4: Collab with other creators

Online business owners are often very supportive of one another plus connecting with others can be not only an amazing way for you to grow but also for them to reach a new audience.

Some of the easiest ways to collaborate with other creators will be on Instagram! Especially if you’ve been active on the platform, it will be a matter of reaching out to those who you’d love to connect with.

Consider these ideas:

  • Go Live together on a topic that will be relevant for both of your audiences
  • Create a post together that will show up on both of your feeds
  • Promote each others offers to your mailing lists

There are plenty of options!

However, before you get started, make sure to check in with your overall goals and values.

You should embrace such opportunities only with creators whose audience will be a good fit for you.

For example, as a course creator, I would want to collaborate with sales coaches – what they do is highly relevant in my business, however, their audience is not directly overlapping with mine.

Various collaborations is one of the best ways not only to make more sales but also to guarantee that you will have your own online cheerleaders and support team which can mean a lot when you’re feeling a bit down in your business.


TIP TO MAKE MORE SALES NO.5: Do a limited-time campaign

A pop-up campaign that gives a limited-time discount or any other type of special offer can be an amazing way to make more sales rather easily!

This is also your chance to remind your existing audience about the products you have.

The easiest way to execute this is via email marketing. If you have an active mailing list, you can prep 3-5 emails talking about the offer and giving them the special deal. This way, you don’t need to prepare any special sales pages or promotional graphics – just create a discount code!

If you want to do a bit more extensive campaign, you can also consider promoting it on your social media or any other platforms or communication channels you’re using.


I hope this inspired you to take a new approach to sales and maybe explore a new way to make more sales in your own business as well.


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