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Mindset tips for aspiring coaches

Mindset tips for aspiring online coaches

Creating a business involves A LOT of mindset work. I’ve been into online business since 2015 and have worked with a lot of fresh-into-business coaches. What makes a difference between coaches who go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars versus those who fail? Here will be some mindset tips for aspiring coaches to keep in mind!


If you’ve thought about creating your business but it hasn’t really worked out just yet because of reasons like time, money or lack of inspiration, the real reason can be found in your mindset.

If you have already started your business but nothing seems to be working as you expected it to, once again, it’s all about your mindset!

So let’s see what are some mindset tips for aspiring online coaches!


Mindset tips for aspiring coaches


Mindset tips for aspiring coaches

tip no.1: Find your bigger why

Here’s the deal. Showing up for your business can be just as hard as rolling out of bed at 6 AM every morning to leave for your morning commute.

It IS a lot of hard work no matter how passionate you are about your business. Therefore, one of the most powerful entrepreneurial mindset tips to keep in mind is to find your bigger WHY.

For example, my main motivation is location independence and all the freedom that comes along with it. Ever since I was 19, I knew that a typical 9-to-5 is not going to be my jam. Being free to build the life I want to live it, has been CRUCIAL for me. And I’ve never been really happy UNLESS I have this option to be location independent and just play by my own rules.

Every single time when I feel down, demotivated or just somehow unable to get anything done, I get back to this reason and remind myself how much I’ve put into this and how important it is for me.

That’s how Course Creator Hub came to be. That’s how I keep showing up on Instagram daily and writing to my list regularly.

Your why can be anything. From personal satisfaction to making your family happy or making water more available for kids in Africa.

I mean it! We all have our own goals, our own WHY.

Your why is no better or worse than anyone else’s. And this is NOT a comparison game. It’s all about keeping yourself on track.

This really is one of the most important mindset tips for aspiring coaches! Have you figured out yours yet?


tip no.2: Focus on the ideas you believe in

I have to get back to that statement that working on your own business is hard – even if you love it dearly. There will come many challenges, many setbacks and roadblocks, whatever you prefer to call it.

Therefore, the only way to get through it is by working on the ideas that you TRULY BELIEVE IN.

See, if you start a project and already feel a bit “meh” about it, what’s the point? You will never feel that true DRIVE to get things done.

Instead, think about something in your life you’ve been VERY excited to do. Either it was a vacation, birthday party or getting a puppy. Imagine having that same level of excitement about your projects!!

I used to have a Facebook group that I showed up for maybe 3x per year. Mostly because I hated FB in the first place… Once I moved my community to Circle, I’m ALWAYS there because I absolutely love it.

Read Circle review for online coaches here.

This drive is the only way to make big things happen and if you’re not feeling it, you might not have found the perfect match just yet.

Don’t mix having a lack of passion with just a bad day though! There will come times when you’ll feel like your business isn’t working in your favor and it’s alright. But that underlying passion is the one that’ll get you out of this!


tip no.3: Give it time

I can’t exaggerate this enough. It all takes time!

Of course, some people quickly get successful with their truly unique ideas. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck. Other times they might’ve had loads of money to invest or major time investment in the preparation process.

But most businesses TAKE GODDAMN TIME.

And just because your business hasn’t succeeded in the first month or even the first year, doesn’t mean that you should give up.

For like 90% of businesses – that end up succeeding – it truly takes at least SOME decent time investment which can vary from a year to a few. It’s just how things work!

If you are on either of the social media platforms and see slow growth – stay consistent.

If you’re growing your mailing list and it’s slow – stay consistent.

The list of these samples could go on and on. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY. And that probably would be the ultimate mindset tip for aspiring coaches I’d give.


tip no.4: There’s always another way

This is one of the most important mindset tips I’ve learned.

There is always another way!


See, most of us are rather set in our ways. Even if you’re building a completely new business and you’re learning something new every single day, you have no chance of learning EVERYTHING.

So usually it goes like this. First, we experiment a bit and find something that – kind of – works. Then, we stick with this idea and try to improve it as much as possible. It might be months or years in the making. Until we hit the wall. Either stats are stagnating or the money isn’t coming in…

And often that is the moment when people start acting like flies in the lamp – just hitting the lamp over and over again, trying to find the way out but never trying a different approach.

What has helped me to build my own business is the eagerness to always try just another time.

How about learning a completely different strategy?

Or using a social media channel you never really liked (maybe you’ll end up loving it, like it happened with me and TikTok…)

Sometimes it’s about cooperating with other people and learning new perspectives.

It can also be all about getting back to your own initial ideas and exploring that something that didn’t work when you just got started is working now!


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tip no.5: Making sales is not the only way to make progress

Often the sales made and, therefore, the money that has come in is the main way to evaluate the success of your business. However, it is not the only way to make progress!

Sometimes you might find yourself in a slow season when making sales doesn’t feel effective or comfortable. For example, Christmas time or any other popular Holiday. Or maybe you find yourself in a not-so-salesy mood.

That’s when it’s important to remember that there are plenty of other ways how to move the needle forward!

For example, you can focus on growing your mailing list. Create and share a new freebie or set up a free masterclass to gather new leads.

You can also put a focus on improving your social media strategies, possibly even trying something new?! Grow your Instagram or explore Facebook groups.


tip no. 6: You don’t have to wear all the hats

While starting a new business, it can be very exciting – and, let’s be honest, also more budget-friendly – to wear all the hats and do all the things yourself. But you’ll be surprised to learn how much can outsourcing truly do!

It can not only improve your productivity since now you can work on the things you truly like, but also actually SAVE you even more money. When you tap into your zone of genius and do what you’re truly passionate about, you’ll end up creating way more valuable content which then can result in more sales and a better recognition as the expert in the field.

Besides that, these days you can easily find some general VA’s who’d be happy to do the work for you for $15 – $20/hour. Imagine, how much such a 5-hour weekly investment could actually change in your daily routine.


tip on. 7: Focus on one thing at a time if you want to succeed

A book called The 10x Rule shines the light on a great idea – FOCUS. If you intentionally focus on just getting ONE thing done at a time, and you truly give all the intention and energy it needs, big things can happen.

If you’re just starting a business, it might feel tempting and often necessary to do as many things as humanly possible to get the ball moving. Create a website, set up a mailing list, create a product, start a Facebook group or grow a successful Instagram… Your list can also look completely different, it’s not really the point. The point is, FOCUS.

Choose what you want to get done first – what matters the most – and focus all your intention on that.

For example, if you want to start making money, focus on creating a product and promoting it. You don’t need a website with 10 pages to sell one product! One landing page will be perfectly enough.

Focusing on one thing at a time will also help you to drive the results a lot faster, therefore, it will improve your own dedication to get things done!


Which one is your favorite of these mindset tips for aspiring coaches?

I hope these tips inspired you to take a closer look at your own mindset as well! Are there any specific areas where you feel like your mindset could be improved? Maybe something you’re actively working on?


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