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The most important money mindset shifts

The most important money mindset shifts to make for 2022

A strong money mindset is an important part of improving your income. Here are some of the money mindset shifts you should consider if you’re on your way to uplevel your business!


We all want more money. I feel like it’s just programmed in us as human beings. And if you’re saying you have enough, you’re probably lying (and wouldn’t be reading this post in the first place…)

Recently, I’ve read quite many personal growth books focusing on money mindset shifts and improving overall idea around money as a tool to make us happier, healthier and overall more whole.

However, money is also the base of many problems, stress, conflicts.

If we’re being completely honest, many, if not most, problems do revolve around money… Therefore, it is extremely important to work on your money mindset and make the best out of it.

While I’m nowhere near to be a millionaire, all of these lessons really have helped me not only to earn more but also worry less. Which, for me, is the main goal of working on my money mindset shifts. To learn how to take it easier!

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The most important money mindset shifts to make for 2022


Money mindset shifts you need to make a lot of $$$

REMEMBER #1: Money is just a tool

Many people exaggerate the importance of money but at the end of the day, money is just that – a tool.

A tool people have decided to be useful for deciding the value and exchanging things.

Don’t cling on your money as it’s the most important entity in your life. Don’t make it a matter of life or death. It’s just a tool.

Just like we need food, clothing and air to breath, we also need money. And just like food, clothing and air, we have quite an unlimited supply of it all around.

I’m not trying to demean the importance of having food on the table. However, the more you focus on money as the most important thing in your world, the less peace you will have around it.

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.
–Jonathan Swift


REMEMBER #2: There’s enough for everybody

One of the biggest money mindset shifts to make is to understand that there are shitloads (pardon my french) of money all around us.

Just because you will earn more does not mean that somebody will get less.

It’s a vicious circle. Once you ask for more, the other person, giving the money to you, is going to ask for more from whenever their money comes.

Often we are scared to raise our rates because we worry about where our clients will get the money. Often it actually happens unintentionally, in our subconscious. We actually care about others so we lower our rates, get shy and step away from talking about what we deserve.


Remember that there’s plenty of money. It’s just a number on the paper. It literally gets PRINTED. It’s not something that gets extinct. And you deserve it just as much as the person next to you.


The most important money mindset shifts to make more in your online business

REMEMBER #3: Money is meant to flow

The more you let go, the more you get back.

And I don’t mean reckless spending on Amazon. I mean accepting this as a fact and not holding on to money like the last resort.

This has proven to be true many times in my own life. The more I hold and hide the money, the less I have of it. The more I give, invest and spend (wisely!), the more I end up getting back.

Money is a tool that is meant for being exchanged. There is no use of holding money in your pocket, it’s not a way to get more of it.

Whenever you make a purchase, be thankful for the chance to get what you need or want instead of thinking “damn, I’ve spent so much again!”

Often I catch myself thinking this even about the most frugal things like buying coffee for $4. It’s just FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS. How do I even let myself obsess about that?! But I do and it’s useless.

Keep in mind the benefits you get from things you buy.

A new outfit can make you feel more confident.
Coffee – more productive.
Paying for electricity makes your daily life easier.
And buying gifts for your loved ones gives the joy of giving.


REMEMBER #4: Money is not evil

People can do horrible things with money, yes. However, money is not the reason why people do that. Once again, money is just a tool. Don’t blame the money. It’s just numbers written on some colorful papers.

Thinking that money is evil or people who have money are bad, gets you in a rut of negative money mindset.

Why would the universe give you something that you detest?

Instead of focusing on the bad, focus on the good. What good things can be done with the money? Which of the richest people have invested in good things and keep giving to those in need? Could you become one of those people? (You totally could!)

“While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”
― Groucho Marx

This is one of the things often talked about when it comes to money mindset. How people are grown into thinking that money is bad. Sometimes it even comes from your parents.

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What money mindset shifts are you working on?

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