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The most common myths about launching

The most popular myths about digital product launches

Creating a digital product launch can be one of the most profitable ways to increase your course income. However, there still are some myths about launching that often hold creators back from doing an offer launch…


Launching seems to have a rather bad rep.

Even though there’s quite a crowd of those who stand by the idea of launching and even seem to love that part of the product creation more than anything else, there’s also a fair amount of people avoiding launching altogether.

Why? We can definitely blame some of these myths about launching!


The most popular myths about digital product launches


The most popular myths about launching

MYTH #1: Launches are for open-close cart products only

Open-close cart enrollment naturally creates an opportunity to create the launch. As your offer is limited for a short period of time only, it’s the perfect timeline for the launch: the opening of the cart, introduction to the product and last-minute sense of urgency.

But what to do if you’re creating an evergreen product that can be enrolled in and purchased at any time?

Many creators avoid launches because they’ve created evergreen products instead of an open-close cart. And there’s a quite common misconception that evergreen products can’t be “launched”.

First, let’s see what having a launch really mean?

It’s the time you’re dedicating for promoting your new offer to create more awareness around it and offer it for a special price, often, with extra bonuses included.

Therefore, the main focus through the launch is BRINGING MORE AWARENESS TO YOUR UNIQUE OFFER.

Your offer can be unique because of:

  • The freshness of the offer
  • Special intro price
  • Short-term available bonuses
  • Limited enrollment time

You’ll notice that three out of four of these features can apply for evergreen offers as well!

Besides that, an evergreen offer can be launched MORE THAN ONCE.

For example, if you upgrade the offer, add in more bonuses or update the content itself, all of this can be a great reason to RELAUNCH. The “fresheness” is not really there yet but as a new offer is coming it, it’s just as exciting!

You can read more about some of the best launch strategies here! 


MYTH #2:
Launching is long and time-consuming

One of the most popular reasons why creators are scared of the launches is the myth about them being long, draining and very time-consuming. Which is not true if you’ve prepared for your launch in advance!

Think about launching as a part of your digital offer creation.

For example, when you’re creating a new course, you prepare for several phases of the process. First, you’ll need to bulletproof your idea and create the curriculum. Then, write out the content and prepare the presentations. And, after all, you’ll also need to set up the Sales page, prepare promo materials, write out the emails and so on.

It’s not something that can be done in a day. And it’s not something that you can prepare for within a blink of an eye either!

Treat your launches the same way!

Include it in the list of your product creation and prepare in advance.

  • Schedule the time WHEN your launch will happen.
  • Create a list of the promo’s you’ll need (for example, stories for Instagram, Insta promo posts, emails, etc).
  • Write out the content
  • Prepare promo designs
  • Schedule

It takes all the “dreadfulness” out of the process!

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MYTH #3:
Launching is for high-level experts only

Last but not least of the myths about launching is the feeling that only big names, only high-level experts can have (successful) launches.

In reality, everyone CAN have a successful launch! As long as you have the product and the launch plan, you can launch to 200 people just as well as 5K.

This is something I talk a lot about in Launch w/ Insta. There is no need to have loads of followers to create successful launches. Also, launching doesn’t mean aiming for $10K! Your first launch might bring in $100 AND IT’S ALRIGHT.

Because without the launch your income will be way smaller. Remember, launch creates THE AWARENESS of your offer. It’s all about shining the light on what you’re selling. And it can only help you.

Leave the misconception that only madly expensive offers from high-ticket coaches can have successful launches. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business – the time to start launching is NOW.


What to do if you’re planning your first course launch?

If you’ve read through these myths about launching and now feel like – okay, I’m ready to actually prepare for my own course launch!! What’s the next step here?!

There are a few key elements to consider:

STEP 1: Evaluate your beginning stage

If you have decided to use Instagram for your offer launch, how many followers do you have right now? How often do you show up? Check out these Instagram growth hacks if you feel like you need a boost. However, remember that you don’t have to have a specific no. of followers to do the launch. It’s important that you’re nourishing the audience you have.

The same goes for your mailing list. What is the current situation of your email marketing? Do you have an active list? Are you sending out regular emails? You have to get started BEFORE you do the launch.

STEP 2: Create your launch plan

Set a date for when you want your doors to be open.

From there, it’s important to recognize various launch phases:

  • Pre-launch: this phase is all about getting your audience ready to buy. Most of your content would focus on the topics included in the offer plus you should regularly mention the offer coming!
  • Launch: the period of time when the DOORS ARE OPEN and you invite your audience to buy and get a superb deal.
  • After-launch: as your audience has been warmed up, you can still “ride the wave” and see if there are any other offers they might find more valuable (like a downgrade of what you were launching).

You can learn more in Your Course Launch Challenge – you’ll find it inside the Membership!

Your Course Creation Lab Insider Hub: Create a profitable online course step by step with resource library for aspiring online course creators.

STEP 3: Prep the emails and graphics

The promotional phase can feel very overwhelming as there’s just SO MUCH to prepare. However, it doesn’t really have to be that way…

First of all, you can always re-use the same graphics several times (in fact, you should) and you can make more with just a few simple tweaks. You can always use various templates to make this easier for yourself.

Preparing graphics and emails in advance will definitely make your launch a lot more peaceful.


Do you believe in any of these myths about launching? Have they ever stopped you from creating a product launch?!


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