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Payhip review for online coaches: sell your digital products online

Payhip review for online coaches: sell your digital products online

Payhip is one of my recent favorites when it comes to online course and digital product platforms. Let’s dive into this Payhip review for online coaches – explore how you can use this platform to sell digital products online!


To set up and sell any type of digital product online, you need a platform that will support the type of product and will provide you with the checkout option.

In most cases, you’ll also need a bit beyond that. For example, a landing page builder to create sales pages for your digital products or a learning management system to have a nice online course space.

The good news is that there are plenty of different platforms that have it all and Payhip is one of them.

I have been exploring various online course and digital product platforms for more than 9 years and one thing I can say for sure – the scene is always changing!

Plus these days, there are always more and more platform updates coming in as well, as the top players are doing their best to keep their spot on top.

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Now, let’s dive into the Payhip review for online coaches.

This really might be the best platform to sell your digital products online (and you can get started for free!)

Payhip review for online coaches: sell your digital products online

Payhip review for online coaches: sell your digital products online

What is Payhip?

Payhip is a platform that gives you a chance to sell your digital products online, including offers like:

  • Online courses
  • Memberships
  • Digital downloads
  • E-books
  • Coaching
  • and more!

The platform gives you a chance to easily set up, manage and sell your digital products without any previous experience or too much tech knowledge.

You can manage your buyers and students, design your sales pages and storefront, as well as do an easy integration with your email marketing platforms.

It’s a simple and easy-to-use platform PLUS you can use it for completely free!

Payhip review for online coaches: sell your digital products online

The pros & cons of Payhip for selling digital products online

I have to say that Payhip’s offer is quite an impressive one for selling digital products online.

One of the reasons I created this Payhip review for online coaches specifically is that there are plenty of great features that will help you to easily set up and sell your offers, without much of the backend work.

The best part of Payhip

  • Wide range of different offers. As already mentioned before, on Payhip you have the freedom to set up your courses, coaching offers, as well as digital downloads and even physical products.
  • All types of pricing payment features (free, one-time, subscription and even more unique ones). On Payhip you have complete freedom over your product pricing and you can adjust it based on your specific needs and each specific product.
  • Easy-to-use page designer with various customization options. Having a simple-to-design landing page always is a treat and Payhip’s user interface is really easy to manage even if this will be the first sales page you design.
  • Several website theme’s to choose from for your store setup. Having fun themes to start your website design with is a great way how to enjoy the process of creating your digital product store even more.
  • Easy-to-use and straightforward user interface. Both the product setup and website management is very simple and straightforward.

Downsides of Payhip

  • Lack of features if you want to go the extra mile in your page design. While the landing page customization is quite good compared to most other landing page designers in course platforms, it might not be enough if you have very specific design needs on your mind.
  • Payment fees for the free and $29/monthly plans (only the $99/monthly plan doesn’t have them, evaluate if you need the upgrade or if the fees make sense). 
  • No built-in email marketing or funnels. You can connect Payhip to your chosen email marketing platform (and they have quite many direct connections available!) but there is no built-in email marketing feature.

What makes Payhip different than other platforms?

Several things come to mind when it comes to what makes Payhip different than other platforms.

First of all, the value for the price is AMAZING which can’t always be said about other course platforms.

However, it also has several unique features that truly make the Payhip stand out more:

  • Forever free plan. Yes, you can start for free and have UNLIMITED offers for free as well. Plus the free plan also gives you a chance to add your personalized domain which is a unique offer in the space.
  • Change a different price for a first-time subscription. This gives you a chance to enroll new membership members for a higher price and then charge a lower monthly subscription from there on.
  • Optional video hosting feature. While many course platforms offer built-in video hosting, Payhip has this as an optional add-on that you can use if you need it. It’s very budget friendly – only $5/per month for 16 hours of content!
  • Sell digital and physical products all in one place. Yes, you can also set up your physical product store via Payhip!

Course Platform Guide: free online course platform guide for online coaches

Where to sell your digital products online?

Payhip vs Kajabi

Kajabi is a more comprehensive platform than Payhip, offering more in-depth backend funnel features, along with built-in email marketing.

However, the pricing is quite steep for beginners ($149/monthly or $119/monthly if paid annually) and there is no free or lower-priced plan available.

Along with that, Kajabi requires a bit more in-depth knowledge of the funnel setup to use it to the fullest. I also personally find it rather complicated, despite the fact that I have worked on the platform for years… It can be challenging to start with it from zero!

Is it worth using Kajabi instead of Payhip? Yes, if you have various products and having a comprehensive backend funnel is important for you. No, if you prefer simplicity, want to get started fast and prefer not investing before real profit comes.


Payhip vs Podia

Podia and Payhip have very similar offer.

Ultimately, I’d say that Payhip has a better user interface and better overall features. Podia’s biggest downfall is the landing page design. On Payhip, you get more customization features than Podia.

The decision between Payhip vs Podia might come down to your own personal preference as there are not too many distinctive differences between both.

Is it worth using Podia instead of Payhip? I’d say no. Unless you have a strong preference for Podia for whatever is the reason, Payhip has an overall better offer.


Payhip vs Thinkific

Another very similar platform to consider would be Thinkific.

The key difference between Payhip vs Thinkific is that Payhip is offering a bigger range of different products, including a chance to sell your coaching offers, as well as physical products.

Other than that, both platforms have courses, memberships and community space.

Thinkific is a big more well-seasoned in business and is one of the top platforms, which also plays a role in its pricing – their paid plans start from $36/monthly (if paid annually). Although there also is a free plan available!


Which platform to choose?

I hope this Payhip review for online coaches inspired you to take a closer look at this platform – if you’re a coach and want to sell digital products online, Payhip might be a great starting point for you.

But if you’re struggling to figure out the best platform to use, get this free Course Platform Guide that will help you  understand the key features of various platforms and how to choose the best one for you.

Course Platform Guide: free online course platform guide for online coaches


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