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Thinkific review: 5 reasons to use Thinkific for your next course

Thinkific review: 5 reasons to use Thinkific for your next course

Are you considering using Thinkific for your online course? Let’s go through Thinkific review for online course creators: explore why Thinkific is one of my favorite course platforms and reasons to use Thinkific for your next course!

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Before we even dive into this review, I want to say – Thinkific has made one of the best comebacks in my books!

For years, this platform was somewhat of an underdog as it was in a close competition with Teachable and Teachable was usually coming on top in all the most important categories.

Not anymore though!

These days I consider Thinkific to be one of the best platforms for your online course and it’s also my go-to suggestion for most course creators.

Let’s explore why, shall we?

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What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a learning management platform that gives you a chance to host and sell your digital course or membership.

Like most learning management platforms, Thinkific has easy-to-use back-end management for your course portal, sales pages, thank you pages, checkout, customer management and other elements you might need to successfully start selling digital courses.

In short, it really has everything you need to set up and sell your online course. So let’s explore the reasons to use Thinkific for your next course!

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Disclaimer: This blog post includes some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase via the provided link, I will make a commission of that. It keeps the blog going so THANK YOU!

Thinkific review: 5 reasons to use Thinkific for your next course

Thinkific review for online course creators

Before we dive into a specific list, I want to state the somewhat obvious – Thinkific thicks all of the key boxes when it comes to setting up and selling an online course.

It absolutely has all of the base elements in place like:

  • Student enrollment, checkout, management
  • Course content upload and systemizing
  • Pricing tier options for your products
  • Page builder, including sales and thank you pages

Instead, learn what makes Thinkific better than other platforms, and what features and options stand out!

REASONS TO USE THINKIFIC no.1: Zero transaction fees on all plans AND a free plan available

It’s one of the most budget-friendly options in the market with a wide range of features available for each price point plus – you can get started for free!

Okay, first things first. You can get started with Thinkific FOR FREE and it’s a major bonus as it releases that pressure of making money fast just to start paying for the platform.

The free plan is slightly limiting as you can create only one course and one community but it makes perfect sense for starting out! And the best part of it – even the free plan has ZERO transaction fees so all of the money goes into your pocket.

REASONS TO USE THINKIFIC no.2: Native video hosting included in all plans

There was a time when I didn’t think I’d write this! But turns out, these days more and more platforms DON’T have a native video hosting included and it’s a major red flag for me…

Now, let’s take a bit of a closer look to what that means.

A native video hosting means that you can upload your videos directly on the platform and you don’t have to, first, use any third-party apps (often it’s Youtube or Vimeo).

Video hosting fees can be HIGH and the fact that it’s included is golden.

Plus the native video hosting creates a lot better experience for your audience as it can be all brand-aligned, not a sudden random Youtube video peeking around the corner…

REASONS TO USE THINKIFIC no.3: Sales page templates

One of my favorite things about Thinkific is that they offer sales page templates to get started with.

For comparison, their closest competitor Teachable has just one default sales page layout to work with. Meanwhile, Thinkific gives you a variety of setups to choose from: different preset colors, fonts and styles to work with.

It can be a very fun way to start buiding your landing pages.

For full transparency – I don’t madly love the landing page builder as it can be slightly limiting BUT the landing page templates make it all worth it.

REASONS TO USE THINKIFIC no.4: Thinkific has a highly functional community feature

Okay, hear me out. I have put that “highly functional” there for a reason. Plenty of online course platforms have the community space added but it’s just… bleh.

A forum, group – call it what you want. Thinkific has it and I consider it being THE key factor of why it stands out from other course creation platforms.

Having a built-in community space can be an amazing feature to use for your course or membership website plus it can serve as a great alternative to a Facebook group!

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The downsides of Thinkific

As I always say, all of the course platforms have their set of pros and cons, it’s just inevitable.

Ultimately, it’s not the question of “which is the best course platform to use?”. Instead, it’s all about choosing the one that suits YOU the best and, well, has the least cons in your eyes.

I have to say that Thinkific doesn’t have many downsides – if you’re searching for a course focused platform with a community feature included, it probably will be the perfect fit for you.

But here are a few things to keep in mind!


Not all payment plans include all of the features.

For example, memberships can be created only on the $99/monthly plan as lower plan doesn’t support payment plans and subscription feature.

For most of the options, there will be a workaround opportunity and the lowest plans still have full functionality. But if you are searching for a specific setup, make sure to review it first!


You might want to consider connecting Thinkific with your email marketing software so each new sale of the course can receive a welcome email sequence.

One of the things to pay attention to is which platforms support direct connection and if yours is included.

If not, you can still make it happen with Zapier instead but Zapier is also available for a higher plan only.


My experience with Thinkific

Along with various Thinkific pros and cons, my own experience with this platform has also been a story of ups and downs.

When I first got into the online course business in 2015, I chose Teachable over Thinkific. For years, I stayed on the platform and was content with my decision. Teachable also has always been my go-to suggestion for starters as their user interface is really easy to use.

In early 2023, I moved my own membership from Teachable to Circle. Mostly because of the community feature.  However, around the same time (late 2022, to be precise), most of the platforms started shifting their offers.

As of now, Thinkific actually has a way better offer for starters than Teachable and I’d definitely suggest you to check it out first. The fact that there are 0% commission fees AND the chance to build your community space there too.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been much of Thinkific’s fan in the past, I now see it as one of the best platforms for course creators.


I hope this insight into Thinkific pros and cons gave you a good idea of whether or not this might be your perfect fit platform. If you’re still unsure, join us in Savvy Offer Hub Membership where you’ll get access to full platform insight and will get a chance to ask me anything as well.

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