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The key aspects of a successful coaching business

The key aspects of a successful coaching business

Having a coaching business truly seems like a growing trend these days. But it’s not only a trendy way to earn income – it’s also an amazing opportunity to actually use your skills and experiences to help others. Here will be some of the key aspects of a successful coaching business you should keep in mind!


While coaching really is ever growing in its popularity, the term itself still is quite unknown and, often, argued about.

  • What does being a coach actually mean?
  • Who qualifies as an online coach?
  • Can anyone just go ahead and call themselves a coach?

Honestly, I want to leave this up to you to decide.

In my honest opinion, these days we don’t really need any specific qualifications to pursue our dreams in the way that suits us.

While some coaches feel like and choose to undergo some specific qualifications, there are also plenty who just turn their own life or work experiences into a coaching business.

There is no right or wrong, in my books.

So can YOU become a coach? I’d say yes. If you have specific skills or experience that you feel eligible to teach and others might find value within it – call yourself a master if you wish and go ahead.

But what does it take to create a SUCCESSFUL coaching business?


The key aspects of a successful coaching business


The key aspects of a successful coaching business

no.1: Have a clear offer

Having a clear offer that eliminates any confusion is a must-have for having a successful coaching business.

For example, I’ve never understood the term “life coach”. I mean… what can I really expect from that? Will I learn how to be a better human? Will they give me some guidelines on how not to die in my daily life? Is it about health? Or mindset? Or everything inbetween?

Until this day, I have no idea.

So this really proves my point –

If you wish to be a successful coach, you have to communicate your message clearly.

  • WHAT do you do?
  • WHO can you help?
  • HOW can you help them?

And the second aspect of this point would be to keep your offer rather small. So instead of having 5 different coaching packages, have just one or two.

Having a diversified income is bliss! But offering a hot mess to your audience isn’t.

So make sure that your offer is clear within the first seconds of reading it and your perfect audience can find you easily.

For example, my tagline reads as follows
“I help creatives & coaches to turn their ideas into online courses.”

I’ve clearly indicated WHO I’m targeting and WHAT can I help you with.

Then, when it comes to my specific Work With Me offers we go into the details of HOW.


no.2: Listen to what your audience needs – this is crucial for a successful coaching business!

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring course creators make is creating online courses that THEY WANT, not that their AUDIENCE NEEDS. If you want to learn more about finding the most profitable course idea and validating it before launching, make sure to join us in Course Creator Hub!

Exactly the same applies to the whole coaching business as well.

Often coaches come up with offers that they feel like will be the best fit… Or they just really want to do that specific thing.

But one of the key aspects of a successful coaching business is to open up to your audience and adjust your business to what they actually need.

This might feel a bit challenging at first but, for example, having an active Instagram account can be an amazing starting point.

  • Create Polls asking your audience what they want to learn more about
  • Interact with your audience to understand their actual pain points and biggest challenges
  • Evaluate the Insights of your posts – which topics get the most likes and comments? Which posts get the most Shares and/or Saves? This is where the actual interest lies!

Once you know what your audience needs help with, you can start altering your offer in a way that works both for you AND your audience.


no.3: Less = more

Another important aspect of a successful coaching business is to keep your focus and carry your message through.

See, the coaching business is crowded as it is and it’s not getting any better.

You absolutely CAN attract the best clients ever, clients that will be your perfect fit and work with amazing people who will love to pay for your services BUT you need to be clear on your message to reach this.

Less = more in many, many different senses but especially when it comes to offers.

As I already mentioned, having a clear offer is crucial. However, it’s not enough.

You also need to focus on what you want to sell. And that focusing part can be challenging if you’re trying to sell 5 things all at once **been there, done that**.

My golden suggestion for coaches, especially, if you’re just getting started, is to FOCUS.

  • First, evaluate what your audience truly needs.
  • Then, create maybe 2-3 offers to see “what sticks” – what works the best for them, as well as you.
  • And, as for the grand finale, FOCUS on that best-seller.

Follow the money! Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If the offer works, don’t try to create more similar offers. Instead, focus on making the best out of this one! If it works – it’s worth it!


Follow these three golden rules and your coaching business WILL be a success (if you’ll work for it, of course…).

What in your mind are the key aspects of a successful coaching business?


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