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The best budget-friendly all-in-one platform for coaches: Systeme review

Systeme review

Recently I found out about a new all-in-one business platform and I instantly fell in love! Could systeme.io be the best all-in-one business platform for coaches? Here will be s Systeme review for you!


As an online course creator myself, I’ve tried and tested close to every platform out there.

I’ve also gone on more than one quest of finding yet another platform that I will love myself as much as I love Teachable. However, again and again, I found exciting platforms that fell short for various reasons just a few clicks after I got on there…

Let me introduce you to a new platform that is now easily ranking as my no.1 choice and I’m genuinely planning to move all of my affairs there as well: systeme.io

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The best all-in-one business platform for coaches: Systeme.io review

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The best all-in-one business platform for coaches: Systeme review

What is systeme.io?

Systeme.io is an all-in-one business platform that gives you a chance to fully set up everything you might need for a functional online business:

  • Set up and sell various digital offers like courses, memberships and digital products
  • Have funnels with sales pages, upsell pages, thank you pages set up 
  • Reach out to your subscribers through email campaigns and sequences
  • Set up freebies
  • Have a community space


If you’re already thinking that this sounds quite tempting, here comes the best part: 

You can get started FOR FREE.

And, wait, it gets even better.

A full upgrade starts from $27/monthly.

$27. Yes. FOR. IT. ALL. Not just a part of the deal, not just tiny friction of it. You can use systeme.io FULLY. 



Is systeme.io better than Kajabi? 

The answer to this question definitely depends on various aspects so let me give you an honest comparison of Systeme.io vs Kajabi. 

I’ve had extensive experience working with Kajabi and I’ll be honest – it hasn’t always been my favorite platform. While the functionality is there, it can be hard to manage, especially for starters, and it can definitely be a leap of faith in terms of budget. 

Kajabi costs start from $119/monthly which is almost $100 more than Systeme.io. In terms of budget, no question: Systeme.io wins the game.

However, does it offer the same level of functionality? 

In broad terms: yes. You get all the same features: build out your whole website, set up your funnels, manage your email marketing and well beyond.

In terms of more in-depth back-end systems, systeme.io has quite an impressive setup with quite thorough funnel features and options. While Kajabi might be offering slightly more features, systeme.io definitely won’t disappoint.

Now, let’s chat about page design and setup. Kajabi’s page builder has always been one of their biggest downsides because even though you’re paying $119/monthly, the page builder does not offer FULL functionality. 

While systeme.io page builder seems to be more alike like Elementor for WordPress which means: you have full control over all of the design features. 

So overall, is systeme.io better than Kajabi? 

It’s easier to use, cheaper and offers all the same functionality. While it might not be as popular just yet, I think it’s on the same level and ultimately my vote does go for systeme.io 


Is systeme.io better than Teachable?

Now, when we compare systeme.io to my current favorite in the online course space – Teachable – I have to state some facts first.

Teachable and systeme.io are not playing the same field. Teachable’s functionality is much lower and way more focused on courses. While systeme.io which is more of an all-in-one platform giving you way more features than just the course setup. 

Teachable is easy to use but it has many limitations. They don’t have a  built-in email marketing feature or an option to build thorough funnels. You also won’t really be able to host a fully functional website there. 

If we compare Teachable vs systeme.io, it’s important to consider what are your specific needs and preferences.

It will definitely be easier and faster to set everything up on Teachable as most of the layout is already done for you. This could be your go-to choice if you want to focus on getting your course out there.

However, if you are looking forward to managing all of your business in one space, systeme.io would definitely be the way to go. 

Got any questions about making this decision? Schedule a Strategy Call and we can find the best fit for you! 


The pros of systeme.io 

Oh, where do I begin…

  • It’s an all-in-one business platform, therefore, you can easily manage all of your digital offer business in one place.
  • It’s VERY budget-friendly (rarely any other offer comes even close to being this cheap)
  • All plans include unlimited emails, unlimited students, NO TRANSACTION FEES
  • They are new so there’s still a lot of potential to grow and be improved.
  • You have full functionality when it comes to page building AND course lesson layout.
  • You can create and manage your offer affiliate programs

The best all-in-one business platform for coaches: Systeme.io review

The cons of systeme.io

Don’t get fooled. I’m quick to find flaws when it comes to platforms. There is always something that throws me off. 

And yes, there are flaws on systeme.io BUT if we compare them to the pros PLUS the overall price, it doesn’t seem like all that big of a deal anymore… 


The provided templates are rather old-school and boring

Not too uncommon when it comes to templates but most of the provided templates are rather old-school and boring.

You can easily recreate them in whatever way you feel like so it shouldn’t be an issue. But if you were looking forward to basing your business on a template without a second thought, it might require slightly more work.

That being said, the templates are okay and can be used. They just won’t provide too many creative solutions. 


Course lesson setup can be overwhelming

You have a full-page builder available for setting up course lessons. This means that there are just way too many options to work with and it can definitely be rather time-consuming!


The Menu can be slightly confusing

If you look at the top Menu, you might find some of the pages thrown together under one category while they’d make more sense if they’d be more separate… But once you get used to the way things are organized, it definitely eases the process of getting around.



How to know if Systeme is the best fit for your business?

First of all, you can give it a try for free to fully explore the backend and understand whether or not it will work for you! Some of the features will be available for the upgrade only but the free version will give you a thorough look as well.

Who is it going to be the best fit for?

  • New coaches and course creators starting from zero: Systeme is a great platform to build out your digital offers
  • Coaches and course creators looking forward to moving from Teachable/Thinkific to an all-in-one business platform: Systeme is a great, budget-friendly all-in-one platform for all your needs!
  • Those who are not ready to invest in high-end products (and there’s really no need if better options are out there!) Systeme.io provides truly affordable options for any budget range (I mean, it doesn’t get much cheaper than free, right?!)

I hope this Systeme review helped you to explore the features of this platform!

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Are you considering the platform but are not fully sure about it? Make sure to schedule a Strategy Call with me and I’ll help you to figure it all out! 🥰

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