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The benefits of launching your products (even to a small audience)

The benefits of launching your digital products

Do you fear the idea of LAUNCHING? Does it seem like something you’re not ready for because you don’t have a big audience? Or something too challenging to even get started with? Learn more about the benefits of launching your digital products!


The truth is, launching can always be ONLY valuable.

There literally is no possible harm in launching.

Even if you want to launch an evergreen product!

Let me review some of the benefits of launching your products (even to a small audience!)


The benefits of launching your products (even to a small audience)


The benefits of launching

You don’t need to have a big audience to have a successful launch

There’s a popular misconception that launches are only for those who have a big audience or a high-ticket product to sell. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As long as you have a specific and interested audience, you absolutely can have a profitable launch even with a small audience!

The trick is to warm up your audience and actually prepare them for the launch, even before it happens.

In Launch w/ Insta, I have covered all about getting started with and warming up your audience to make sure that they are not only interested in but also WAITING for your offer.


The biggest benefit of launching is the AWARENESS about your offer

Launching is all about CREATING AWARENESS about your offer.

You might have an audience of 200 or 5K people but none of them will ever know about your offer unless you’ll start TALKING about it.

In marketing, they say that a person should see an offer at least 7 times before they make the purchase. Honestly, I have no idea where is this number coming from but there’s quite a lot of truth in it.

No matter how big is your audience, not everyone, not even 50% of them will see the FIRST announcement.

Along with the next one, a few more might hop on the board.

But by the seventh – or so – time, the BIGGEST part of your audience will have seen it.


Launching gives you a chance to truly SHOWCASE your product from all the possible angles

What are the benefits? Who is the perfect audience? What exactly is inside and how does it look like?

EACH of these points can lure in more and more people.

With each launch day, you can use an opportunity to show a different angle of the product and inform your audience about yet another reason why they should join.

Learn all the details about planning and executing successful launches in Launch w/ Insta!

Instead of doing just a few simple promos over time, you can truly review what’s in it and provide all the necessary information for your target audience.


Launching creates a sense of urgency

One of the biggest nudges that makes us to buy a product – any product for that matter – is the sense of urgency.

A special price offer or limited-time bonuses can be an amazing way to close even more sales.

Launching is the perfect fit for having a clear offer for a limited time – with a prepared launch calendar you can clearly promote the starting and end dates, therefore, creating the sense of urgency and, again, INCREASING YOUR SALES.


The truth is simple, launching can not only tripe your potential income but also tenfold it and more – my vocabulary doesn’t go there…

If you feel like you have no clue on how to prepare for or execute a successful launch, Launch w/ Insta comes to the rescue!

In this course, you can learn all about creating a profitable Instagram presence, planning and executing money-making launches and even get to know some additional sales strategies that’ll help you to boost income from each incoming sale.


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