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The best launch strategies for digital product launches

Creating a product launch can help you to bring more awareness to your new offer and, therefore, make more sales! What are some of the best launch strategies for digital product launches?


As many new course creators, I used to avoid launching. It seemed like a big challenge and somehow never seemed worth it. Oh boy, was I wrong!

Once I start experimenting with different digital product launching strategies, I explored that product launch can be a truly enjoyable experience AND it can increase your revenue BIG TIME.

Let’s review some of the best launch strategies for digital products!


The best launch strategies for digital product launches

The best launch strategies for digital products

Launch strategy no. 1: Webinar launch

Webinar launches used to be one of the most powerful ways to sell your digital products. And they still can bring great value!

So what is a webinar launch?

First, you offer a free webinar about the topic. It must be closely related to what you’re selling!

We’re starting with choosing an effective topic that will drive the right audience.

To find the best fit, consider questions like:

  • What is your ultimate offer all about?
  • What other related topics your audience is interested in?
  • How can you fill their knowledge gaps and give valuable insights?

Once you have the topic, it’s important to allocate some time for this webinar promo.

The promotion itself can be done in many different ways: you can promote it through your blog posts, Instagram or other social media, possibly do FB ads or do any other marketing activities.

However, it’s important to HAVE ENOUGH TIME for the promotion.

Set goals on how many people you’d like to join and consider how much time would be needed.


Webinar Launch strategy

Your webinar itself has to consist of loads of useful info. Therefore, make sure to focus on that first.

Most of the webinar should be value-packed because your goal here is to build trust and prove the value of your information!

Then, at the end of the webinar, you can open the card to purchase your product. To increase the turnaround, you can offer it for an extremely low price or a special offer that expires once the webinar ends. Usually, these offers last only 10-30 mins!

After your webinar, the enrollment is officially open.

If you’re going to close the cart at some point, your full-speed launch continues until the moment of a closed cart.

However, if you plan to keep your cart forever open, make sure to continue offering some discounted deals for the launch period so there’s more urgency to buy.


Launch strategy no. 2: Facebook group challenge

If you have a Facebook group, launching a free challenge can be a great way to build trust, grow your audience and launch your product.

Such a challenge can last a weekend, week or month.

From my experience, shorter challenges are more actionable and keep people interested through the whole process more than longer challenges.

Your challenge should be focused on reaching a clear goal or solving a clear problem. This will help you to attract the right audience! And, of course, this goal should be connected with your launch offer as well.

For your challenge to be successful, it has to be actionable and entertaining.

Normally, a challenge offers a combination of some of the following features:

  • Live video lessons
  • Worksheets to fill out
  • Prizes along the way
  • Special and discounted offers for the participants (that’s also where the launch comes in!

Then, as the final of challenge rolls out, you can present your launch offer.

Once again, the offer has to come in irresistible!

It should be either highly discounted or with extra offers like 1:1 coaching, live sessions, additional support, maybe even a bundle of offers!

Afterward, you can continue the launch outside the bubble of the challenge members!

I recently did this in my Course Creation Lab group and it was a great success!


Launch strategy no. 3 Instagram launch

Instagram launches is my absolutely favorite launch strategy that I explored rather recently.

Instagram launches are based on growing connections and building trust within your existing audience. This is a long-term strategy that not only works for launches but will also help you to build your business, grow your traffic and beyond!

If you want to learn more about launching with Instagram, make sure to sign up for Launch w/ Insta!

Launch w/ Insta: Instagram Sales Made Easy

If you have an active Instagram account you can prepare your Insta audience for the launch by leading them up to the upcoming offer.

This would include creating launch-related content to make sure they are interested in the topic, showing up with valuable stories & mentioning the upcoming launch.

Ultimately, this would lead to opening the cart to an excited audience!

Learn more about Instagram Launches with Launch w/ Insta!


Which is your favorite digital product launching method?

Learn to plan, create & scale your online course in Your Course Creation Membership!

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