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The best way to create a course (Is there one?!)

The best way to create an online course (Is there one?!)

How to create a successful, profitable course? Is there one, the best way to create a course? If so – what do you need to do to make it happen?!


I’ve been into the online business since 2015 and one thing I have learned for sure – there is no one bulletproof way to get done anything…

These days, we have so many different tools and platforms, so many different marketing methods and psychological tips and tricks that can be used to make sure that your course is successful…

There really isn’t ONE bulletproof way.

However, there are some common to-do’s that will make it more likely that your course truly can succeed and be profitable.


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The best way to create an online course (Is there one?!)


The best way to create a course

Again, let me remind you that there really isn’t just one bulletproof path to follow. However, there are several things you can do to ensure that your course will earn a profit and, possibly, truly become a success.

Below you will find some crucial tips that definitely are a part of the best way to create a course.

Start by doing an audience research

Having an audience and knowing what they actually NEED is a major step in the right direction. Make sure to research your audience and ask them what type of content they would find the most successful.

I love reaching out to my Instagram audience once in a while and making sure that I’m serving their needs.

You can also use email marketing or any other way of reaching your audience, for example, your Facebook group.

Make sure that you’re actually PASSIONATE about the idea yourself

People are fast to choose one of the two fronts: either create a course that THEY love but their audience doesn’t seem to care about OR create a course that THEIR AUDIENCE loves but they are not as passionate about themselves…

The magic trick to creating a profitable course is to actually find a topic that you LOVE and truly adore yourself.

Whoever sees your marketing campaigns or purchases your course, they will FEEL your energy! And unless you’re 100% in it, there is no way you’ll truly reach the success you’re hoping for.

Choose tools & platforms that suit you

There isn’t one perfect fit when it comes to the best course creation tools or platforms.

What’s actually important is to choose what FITS YOU. Your business, your style, your overall preferences.

Using tools and platforms that you’re actually enjoying yourself will make the overall process way easier and more fun.

I personally have my own preferences but I know that other course creators sometimes praise a completely different approach – and none of us are wrong! Our own specific business and preferences have led us to choose and suggest whatever is on our list.

My go-to suggestion for the platform always is Teachable. I’ve been on it since 2015 and even after trying and testing most of the other platforms through my client work, I’m always returning to Teachable myself.

Now, I’m on Circle as I have refocused my offers on Live experiences and the community aspect. I’ve been loving it a ton!

Focus on quality vs quantity

When creating the content, many course creators feel like doing as much as they possibly can will be the path to success. But actually, you should focus on quality, not quantity.

The main goal of your course students is to achieve the results your course has promised.

It’s not a matter of spending hours watching video content or printing 50 pages of worksheets…

When creating the content, always review if what you’re adding actually MAKES SENSE and helps along the way. The content you add within the course should always be relevant and lead your students to that final result.

If you can teach a lesson in 5 minutes instead of 20 – aim for 5. If you can create 10 lessons instead of 30 – aim for 10.

You have to be efficient with the way you provide the information.

Course Platform Guide: free online course platform guide for online coaches

What to avoid in your course creation process?

A big challenge many first-time course creators face is the trap of comparing your own course or process to what others are doing.

Actually, this goes well beyond first-time course creators!

Everyone is creating their own business as they see a better fit. Just because Jane is creating course content with the slides and voiceover, doesn’t mean that will be the best fit for you too.

You might also be looking at the high-end course creator content and thinking – THAT should be the way to get things done (right?!).

But what was the best fit for them, their content and audience, might not always work in the same way for you too.

It’s so easy to get distracted by new ideas! There are just SO MANY different ways to get things done…

So my tip would be to put on the blinders and get your course done. From there, you can review and improve but until you actually get your content out there, you won’t be getting any real feedback and insights on what works and what doesn’t.

Your task is to find the best way to create a course FOR YOU. And all of that can happen only if you really tune into your business, your goals and shine with your unique approach – whatever that might be.


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What’s in your experience the best way to create a course?


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