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The most beautiful WordPress themes for coaches

The most beautiful Wordpress themes for coaches

Having a beautiful website can be very beneficial when it comes to building a successful coaching business! But how to find the best-fit design?! Here are some of the most beautiful WordPress themes for coaches.


I’ve been working with WordPress websites since 2015 and through this journey, I’ve also seen a fair share of WordPress themes…

I know firsthand how hard and frustrating can it be to find the perfect WordPress theme for your business! So through this post, I want to share some of my favorite WordPress themes for coaches, as well as some tips for choosing the best fit!


What to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress website theme?

There are several important components that come into play when you’re choosing a WordPress theme.

Here are a few quick suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you LIKE the theme you’re going to purchase. While this might seem like quite an obvious suggestion, many people purchase themes thinking that I’ll “update this & adjust that”. However, it’s usually hard to know what will be the exact customization options available. Therefore, don’t count on the option to adjust everything!
  • Check what page builders are used for the theme. The easiest ones to edit are themes based on Elementor. However, you might’ve had experience with other page builders and you might find that they will be your first choice, for example, WP Bakery. Either way, make an informed decision.
  • Pay extra attention to the features you need the most. For example, if you’re going to be blogging a lot, make sure to check out the Blog page options. If you’re going to have your portfolio up there, check out the gallery or portfolio pages, etc.
  • Your theme should have several Demo versions. This means that you will have the option to choose between several setups and layouts. Normally, themes have at least 2-3 demo versions.
  • Check out the reviews. Many theme shops are quite popular and you can trust their credibility. However, if you choose to purchase a theme from a solo creator or someone new in the business, make sure to check out the reviews for their themes. Often, theme creators have their themes posted on CreativeMarket as well. Try searching the keywords and you might find that exact theme + reviews!
  • GIVE IT TIME. Each new theme comes in my life with a tiny bit of meltdown. Instead of ditching the theme and moving on with another idea, make sure to check the Documentation for any info and contact the owner with the questions. Most likely, you will be able to solve the issues at hand. But if it really doesn’t work out for you, contact the author for an opportunity to get your money back.

The most beautiful WordPress themes for coaches

Theme Shop Pixel & Hue

Pixel & Hue definitely has one of the most stunning WordPress themes for coaches, bloggers and female business owners. They are creative, fun and truly unique.

Besides that, themes are built with Elementor which means that they are way easier to manage and edit, if needed.

Here are some of my favorites!


The best WordPress themes for coaches



The most beautiful WordPress themes for coaches


Theme shop 17th Avenue Designs

17th Avenue Designs are already well-known amongst WordPress website owners are they truly stand out with sophisticated, elegant and effective WordPress themes.


The most beautiful WordPress themes for coaches


Mia Rose

The most beautiful WordPress themes for coaches


Theme shop: Bluchic

Bluchic is already quite well-known amongst coaching business owners as they offer easy-to-use WordPress themes based on Elementor page builder (which, again, is super easy to use).

While all of their themes is an amazing fit for coaching business website, here’s my favorite!


Chicboss WordPress website theme for online coaching business


Where to find the best WordPress themes for coaching business website?

If you like the themes above, definitely dive deeper into the mentioned WordPress website theme shops and you will be able to find all kind of treasures!

However, here are a few other beautiful WordPress website theme shops to consider:

You can also check out bigger theme markets like Creative Market or Theme Forest for other options.

I hope these WordPress themes for coaches has inspired you to find your perfect fit! Or have you found your favorite WordPress theme already?


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