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The most effective course creation tools, apps & platforms

Choosing the best course creation tools to create your digital offer can be a whole another challenge…

How to find good, effective tools that actually do the work and don’t break your bank?

Look no further! Within this free guide you will find the details about some of the best course creation tools, apps and platforms, for various business owners and different levels of tech-expertise (none is okay!)
The best tools & apps for online course creators

Online course creation can feel like an overwhelming journey but finding the best course creation tools is the first step to making this experience more enjoyable, every step along the way!

As an online course creator with more than 8 years of experience under my belt, I have researched, explored and worked with various online course creation tools.

If you expect to have one straight go-to list of tools to use, this won’t be it! Inside this free guide, I have shared a variety of options when it comes to each task along the way: designing course content, recording and editing course videos, as well as setting it all up and selling.

The provided tool variations will be suitable for different levels of tech expertise (and it’s okay if you have no clue what you’re doing!), as well as different budgets. Your course creation process should not break the bank!

How to choose the best course creation tools?

Just like with anything when it comes to course creation, it’s important to find what suits your vision, your budget and your comfort level.


As there are PLENTY of various course creation tools available out there, you’re not restricted to choosing something that you don’t particularly vibe with. 


To find the best course creation tools for YOUR needs, make sure to consider, which of the tools you might have already used and feel comfortable with? What’s the level of advancement you might need? Plus always consider your budget! Almost always, there’s a wide range of free to low-priced tools that can be used instead of high-end options! 

What are my personal favorites?

I use Canva for designing my slide presentations and Loom or OBS for recording them.


Veed.io is one of my favorite video editing + subtitle tools. 


As for the course platforms, I currently use Circle for hosting my Course Creator Hub. Although I was on Teachable for 7+ years and have always loved the platform.


The most effective course creation tools, apps & platforms