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You want to generate consistent course income but something seems to be missing… 

Welcome to Evergreen Funnel Formula

Learn to build systems that will generate course income FOR YOU.


Evergreen Funnel Formula

You’ve done the hard work – you’ve created an offer. Your expectation was that doing the work will bring you a big step closer to seeing those sales happen but somehow it’s not happening according to the plan… 

Instead of seeing a consistent flow of sales, you hear crickets most of the time. Every sale seems like a hard work and you’ve started to think that the passive income dream is not for you.

You'd love to explore the missing element and have systems that do the work for you.

You’re not interested in quick fixes or magic solutions. You want to do the work that will pay off in the long-run.

And that’s what we’re here for!

Evergreen Funnel Formula

Evergreen Funnel Formula will give you full insight into all the backend work you must do to create systems that work for you.

Inside, you will learn the four key elements:


Figure out WHAT to sell and what additional offers to add in your funnels.


Build systems that move your audience from being interested to making the purchase.


Reach more people consistently and in a way that feels aligned.


Make your emails do all the sales for you, every step along the way.

On the other side of Evergreen Funnel Formula, you will have learned

On the other side of Evergreen Funnel Formula, you will have learned


This course does not teach you ads.

Running ads is something you can do if you choose to. However, Evergreen Funnel Formula is based on driving organic traffic. 

Here's what you'll find inside


Evergreen Funnel Formula

18 video guides divided into 5 Modules: Concept, Offers, Systems, Traffic, Emails.

Evergreen Funnel Formula


Welcome Email Templates

Get inspiration for your first Welcome Email sequence.

Don’t get fooled by the promise of “easy passive income” when it comes to online courses.

You CAN make money while “sipping margaritas on the beach”. But…


Creating a profitable online course is a lot of work and most of this work happens in the backend.


However, once you build the systems and funnels that WORK, that’s when you can reap the rewards and actually take a backseat.


This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do any work at all. But you’ll have a chance to do it on your own terms!

Welcome! My name is Ieva.

I’ve been an online course creator since 2015 and for most of the time, I was struggling to make any consistent money with courses.

In fact, most of my courses made money only in the time of launch and, in most cases, also not as much as I would have wanted…

SYSTEMS and funnels that do the work for me was the missing part all along. Once I started exploring how to build the backend funnels that will work for my business, I explored the magic of CONSISTENCY & passive income. 

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Get instant access for only $149

Evergreen Funnel Formula

This course is for you if

You either already have a course or you are about to create one. You want for it to generate consistent income without doing direct sales every day.

You are open to experimenting and testing. You want to find what will work FOR YOU and your business, you’re not searching for a quick fix and you’re open to giving the process some time. 

You want to see those payment notifications, independent from where you are or what are you doing. However, you understand that it takes more than just having a product to make it happen and you’re willing to explore the next steps.

This doesn’t seem like a good fit? See if joining Your Course Creation Membership might be a better option for you!

Find answers to your questions here

The setup guides shared in Evergreen Funnel Formula will be relevant to any online course business. If you’re just getting started, it might take you longer to actually get all the setup done but it’s still relevant.

It can help if your course idea is already done or in the making. However, it’s not a requirement and you can get started with this backend setup even without the course being done.

Yes. While my focus is on showing how to sell an evergeen online course, the same setup and similar funnels could also work for other types of offers. 

Along with the purchase, you will create an account for Circle Community space = your log in access into our space! 


You will also receive a Welcome email afterward with all the relevant details. 

Your access to the content will be instant and unlimited.

Due to the digital nature of this offer, we don’t offer refunds.

Reach out to ieva@yourcoursecreationlab.com & I’ll get back to you asap.