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Planning to create or scale your online course?


Step by step guides, comprehensive courses, monthly masterclasses, inspiring interviews and more!

Creating an online course is A WORK IN PROGRESS.

It takes time & dedication to make it happen.

But it definitely can be A MAJOR GAMECHANGER in your business!

How to get to that part though?!

Your Course Creation Membership is here to support your journey all through the process & well beyond.

After years of helping my clients to turn their ideas into online courses, I’ve been through the “I want to create a course but don’t know how” journey more than once. I know what you need and how to support you along the way!

In this membership, you’ll find step-by-step guides for getting started, as well as tips for taking your existing content to the next level, upgrading your sales pages, improving your launches and more.

The content within this membership is more than just how-to guides though.

You’ll also have the access to inspirational and motivational content like interviews with successful course creators, productivity and organizational hacks, helpful printables AND MORE.

Don’t get spooked but we also will have some tech tutorials on how to use code for your sales pages, edit your videos, use various apps and tools.

Your Course Creation Membership Backend Insight


This membership is practical, inspirational and truly helpful if you're on the path to creating or scaling your online course.

This space is not all about promoting “one bulletproof way” of creating a course. Instead, I want to share the available options and help you to make the best choice for your business!

Here's what you will find inside...

Your Course Creation Membership: Courses

Online courses

Mini Offer Goldmine, Launch w/ Insta & others.

Your Course Creation Membership Masterclasses


Covering topics like platforms, pricing, video creation, etc.

Your Course Creation Membership Checklists

Guides, checklists & printables


Kickstart Your Course Creation Challenge, starting Jan 2022.

Your Course Creation Membership Community

Coming 2022

Community Space

Access to a community forum.

Other helpful & inspirational resources

P.S. You'll also have a chance to regularly vote for the topics you're the most interested in!

This membership is the perfect fit for you if...

You’ve thought about creating a course but don’t know how.

You’ve started the process but are getting stuck.

You have a course or two but they don’t seem to be getting any sales.

Welcome! My name is Ieva.

I created my first course back in 2015. I invested way too much time and made $0 sales but I’ve had quite a comeback since then…

I started out as a freelance graphic designer but eventually, the world of online courses sucked me in & I became an online course creator.


Now, it’s been a few years since my main focus in the online space has been course creation – both for myself, as well as helping others with all parts of making it happen. Starting from creating powerful curriculums to designing, setting up, launching and well beyond.


My biggest passion is helping others to turn their ideas and experiences into online courses. Hence, this membership!

Ieva Laicane - Your Course Creation Lab

Sample of what's already in there!

Launch w/ Insta: Instagram Sales Made Easy

Launch w/ Insta

(Priced separately at $129)

Mini Offer Goldmine: Create smaller offers with bigger impact

Mini Offer Goldmine

(Priced separately at $79)

Your Roadmap to a Profitable Online Course


(Priced separately at $49)

Join Your Course Creation Membership

Save your BETA SPOT for only $21/monthly.

Price later: starting from $27

Here’s what you an expect inside:

You’ll get instant access to all of the existing content & monthly updates.

Each month, there will be new masterclasses, guides and other features.

A word from my audience...

CCL Review - 2

There is no better time to get started.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to get started.


Course creation is a work in progress & most of this progress can’t be made unless you’re working for it!

Your Course Creation Membership

Your questions answered.

The membership is hosted on Teachable and, as you’ll be purchasing your spot, you’ll have a chance to either log into existing Teachable account or create a new one.

That’s also where you’ll have the access to all of the content and, later on, community as well.

This is a monthly membership. Therefore, you’ll have the access as long as you keep your subscription active.

For as long as you’re a member, you’ll have the access to the price you’ve locked in.


If you’re a BETA member, your price will be locked in for as long as you keep your subscription active.


The price of the membership may increase but it will never change if you’re an active member.

Due to the nature of the product, the refunds are not being offered.

There will be regular, monthly content upgrades: new masterclasses, guides and other updates.

Once every few months, there will also be access to new courses.