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How to choose the best course platform?

This free Course Platform Guide will help you to learn the main pros & cons of the most popular platforms and identify the best fit for your needs.

Course Platform Guide

As you plan to create an online course, choosing the best course platform will become one of the most important and challenging questions to consider.

A course platform will be the online home for your course: it’s where your course content will live, where your students will access the course, your payments will go through, and so on. 


While there are plenty of various online course platforms out there, it’s important to consider what truly matters in your business for you to make the right decision! 


Consider what are the course platform features you NEED, what tools are you already using (that your platform doesn’t have to have per se, for example, email marketing), etc. 


This will help you to make a more informed decision that aligns with YOUR vision. And it’s also the first step within this free course platform comparison guide. 

Which online course platform is the best?

One of the key questions I get asked repeatedly is – which online course platform is THE best? 

No doubt, we all want to use the best overall platform out there. However – I’m sorry to disappoint you! – there isn’t just one perfect course platform…

It’s important to understand that, first of all, there are different course platform types and categories.

Some platforms really are focused on courses per se, while others give you a whole digital product marketplace or an option to host all of your business in one place. 

Each of these platforms can do their work quite well. Which is the best choice for you, will depend on your needs and preferences when it comes to course platforms.

For example, Kajabi is one of the most popular options out there but for the price of $119/monthly it can be out of budget for many plus the backend setup can be rather complicated for starters. So while some might consider it as the best overall option out there, for others it might be at the bottom of the list.

Which online course platform is my personal favorite?

As an online course creator, over years I have tried and tested various course platforms for myself, as well as my clients so I’ve had a quite in-depth insight in various options.


My first-ever platform was Teachable and I stayed on it for SEVEN YEARS. I still consider it as one of the easiest course platforms for starters. Plus their user interface is very enjoyable. 


In early 2023, I moved to Circle to have more of the community aspect plus the option to host Lives in my own course space. I’ve been very happy with the decision and now Course Creator Hub happily resides there.


How to choose the best course platform?