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Your Roadmap to a Profitable Online Course


your roadmap to a profitable online course

This free mini-course will help you to create an online course that your audience will LOVE without losing your mind over it ๐Ÿ™Œ

in this roadmap, you will learn how to

Research your audience to give them the course they NEED.

Come up with your own course creation plan and know exactly what you’ll need to do?!

Content presentation ideas and variations.

Insight in the best platforms to use with their pros and cons included.

Checklist for your perfect sales funnel.

welcome! my name is Ieva.

A bit too much plant-obsessed. Passionate about all things related to online business, traveling and minimalism.

My superpower is turning any skill and experience into a best-selling online course!

I’ve been helping 1:1 service providers, coaches and long-term offline entrepreneurs to turn their experiences into online courses since 2015.ย And now I’m bringing all of this experience to you!

Your Course Creation Lab - Ieva Laicane