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*NEW* Your High Profit Offer

It’s time to create an industry-leading online course! Join me in my new Live Program Your High Profit Offer and let’s make it happen. 

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Hey there! My name is Ieva.

I created my first course back in 2015. But it wasn’t an overnight success though… Quite the contrary. I invested way too much time and made $0 sales but it was a great motivation to really work for it!

My skill set as a graphic designer and website creator got me behind the scenes of many successful courses and I got hooked on exploring this field.

After years of helping my clients to translate their experiences and ideas into digital courses, I’ve been through the “I want to create a course but don’t know how” journey more than once. I know what you need and how to support you along the way!

Course creation support: Done for you course support