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The best templates for online coaches

The best templates for online coaches

Using premade design templates for your business can not only save your time and sanity but also make your brand look a lot more professional. Here are some of the best design templates for online coaches!


Often online business owners are wary of using premade design templates as it might come off as “cheating“…

Girl, your business – your rules!

Using premade design templates will save loads of your time. Besides that, these days there are SO MANY professionally made templates available at affordable prices that it’s absolutely possible to find not only something truly unique but also so well brand-aligned that it wouldn’t be a sin to not use it!

Below you will find some of my favorite design templates for online coaches, from worksheets and e-books to social media designs.


How to choose the best-fit templates?

Before you choose which templates to buy for your business, make sure to consider, first of all, what type of designs you need.

For example, if you’re purchasing templates for your online course, will you need presentations and worksheets? Or only one of both?

If you’re searching for templates for your coaching business, what type of worksheets you might be providing? Are they going to be heavily text-based or more action-focused?

Knowing all of this will help you to choose the template that will work the best for your specific information!

Of course, all templates can be edited and adjusted as needed but you can save yourself loads of time by purchasing something that already fits.

Besides that, make sure the template of your choice has enough OPTIONS. Most templates would include anywhere between 25 to 100 slides and/or pages. More is not always better but this is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re making the decision!

The best design templates for online coaches

Bundles for course creators and online coaches

Most of the bundles include all you might need for online course creation: worksheets, workbooks, e-books, printables, as well as presentations and/or social media templates.

The best design templates for online coaches

4in1 Course Creator Bundle

The best design templates for online coaches

6in1 Course Creator Bundle

The best design templates for online coaches

4in1 Course Creator Super Bundle

4in1 Course Creator Super Bundle K 

Workbook/e-book templates

Either you’re writing an e-book or preparing your online course workbooks, on Creative Market you can find plenty of workbook and e-book templates for Canva. Here are some of my favorites!

The best part – most of them include so many different page designs that you can reuse the template for plenty of different layout designs:

  • Digital or print books
  • Cheatsheets
  • Checklists
  • Media kits and more!

eBook design by ProductiveandFree

Workbook Creator for Coaches

Workbook Creator for Coaches

Canva Recipe Book

Canva & InDesign eBook Template Kayla


Slide Deck templates

If you’re creating a course material or webinar presentation, these slide deck templates will come in handy!


Webinar Slide Deck for Online Coaches for Presentation or Webinar Design

Webinar + Course Slide Deck for Coaches


Webinar + Course Slide Deck Template


Webinar Course Slide Deck

Webinar Course Slide Deck Kayla


Canva Slide Deck for Online Coaches for Presentation or Webinar Design

Canva Slide Deck for eCourse/Webinar

You can also find some more Slide Deck templates in this article!

Instagram templates

Are you trying to grow your social media? Setting up a brand online can be a truly nerve-wracking experience, especially, if you’re not a designer yourself…

Try out these Canva Instagram templates to build a stunning brand.

Luxury Canva Social Media Pack

Instagram Marketing Bundle

Writers Social Media Pack

Podcast Carousel Posts

Linnea Instagram Puzzle

Senorita Instagram Stories & Posts

Instagram Stories & Posts


Pinterest Templates

The most recent Pinterest updates are focusing on FRESH pin distribution. This means that now more than ever NEW PINS MATTER.

Pin templates is an amazing way to create new pins faster and stay on top of your Pinterest game.

Want to learn more about how to create a bulletproof Pinterest strategy? Join Master Your Pinterest!


Pinterest Canva Bundle

Pinterest Bundle

Canva Pinterest Templates in Green

Pinterest Blog Template Canva

Pinterest Marketing Pack

Pinterest Templates Canva & PSD

Pinterest Canva Templates


Make sure to check out Creative Market for any other business templates you might find useful!

What are your favorite design templates to use for your business?

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