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Why do some coaches succeed and others don’t? Roadblocks to a profitable coaching business

Why some coaches succeed and others don't? Roadblocks to a profitable coaching business

Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing your best but nothing seems to be working? Or the thought of “it’s just not meant to be” comes along? I’ve been there! And I’m sure I’m not the only one… Here are some of the key reasons why some coaches succeed and others don’t. Explore the roadblocks to a profitable coaching business and learn how to get on the other side of the doubt and exhaustion. 


Many people start an online business with the promise of quick success and they give up as soon as they realize it takes more than just an idea to succeed…

But it’s not you.

You have done the work and you have tried really hard to make it all work… Then why you still don’t feel like the success you hoped for?

You know you have done many amazing things and you’re definitely in a better place than you were a year or five ago. But it still feels far from that glamorous story of a successful coaching business. 

I wrote this article to normalize the struggle behind successful coaching businesses. So that you know – you’re not alone! But also, there probably are a few more things you can do.

Why some coaches succeed and others don't? Roadblocks to a profitable coaching business

Explore the roadblocks to a profitable coaching business

ROADBLOCK #1: Bad money mindset

Improving your money mindset is an important step to creating a successful coaching business. Money is a crucial part of our daily lives and if we set our mindset in a negative mode, it won’t do any good. 

If your higher success is related to your achievements in business, you need to learn not only how to operate money within your company but also – how to deal with it in your life. 

It’s important to set yourself on a positive vibe. Get in the good mode, you know! Literally, START VIBING. 

If you let the money flow and appreciate it without being clingy, your life will get loads better.

If your struggle is not directly related to your business or money goals, it’s still important to have a positive attitude around money in your life. 

When it comes to keeping yourself happy and healthy, as well as improving your mental health, your thoughts as well as the amount of money you have matter. 

How to improve money mindset? 

  • Understand that money is just a tool and it’s created to be exchanged. You won’t have more of it just because you’re holding it in your sock. 
  • Give up the idea that money is evil. Once again, money is just a tool. What people do with it depends on them and not on money. 
  • There’s plenty for everybody. Don’t ask for less just because somebody else might need it more. There’s plenty of money for all of us to share and if somebody needs it, they’ll find their way to it. Now, it’s your time to find YOUR way to money.
  • Learn more ideas in this post about money mindset shifts you need to make!

ROADBLOCK #2: “All or nothing” kind of an attitude

Although believing that you will get it ALL is impressive and definitely inspiring for your daily endeavors, it’s also suggested to keep it realistic.

If you only accept one version of what happiness and success could look like for you, you may end up missing out on other amazing opportunities. And you never know where this other path might lead you! 

One of the most popular business success hacks is to “go all-in”. Put all your energy and dedication into your dream and you will succeed!

I do agree with this partially. I mean, it’s quite hard to be successful if you don’t put your energy and dedication into your goals…

However, the “all or nothing” mindset can be misleading.

How to improve the way you set goals?!

  • Dream big and go beyond your imagination but be honest with yourself! Often we set incredible goals just because that’s what we feel like we need to do… But what are YOUR goals? Where do you see yourself within a year or five years? Not everybody dreams about a beach house in Malibu (not sure why tho, that’d be totally awesome). 
  • Start with actionable steps first. Any big goal requests for you to get started with something. Therefore, clarify the smaller steps you can take and make sure they don’t take much of an effort. Once you get in the mode of checking things off your list, you’ll feel a lot more inspired to keep going and actually reach the big goals sooner. 
  • Give yourself an alternative. If something turns out to be impossible, give yourself some space for alterations. Sometimes the timing isn’t right or the universe will be against you. Breathe it out and keep on going.

ROADBLOCK #3: Lack of self-care

We are our own best and most valuable asset. Without our minds, we wouldn’t be able to even start dreaming about success.

However, in the path to success, it is very common for people to forget about their self-care. 

But if you’re not well-rested, healthy and happy, HOW can you produce the best possible results?! 

With stress, tiredness, even pain it is impossible to reach your highest potential. No wonder the most successful people have established daily routines that support their goals! 

It’s not only about eating healthy and being active. It’s also about getting enough sleep, taking a break, doing what feeds your soul.

Often all of this 21st-century self-care madness seems like the mission impossible where you have to do it all just to stay alive. But that’s not true. You should find what works for you and what makes you happy and stick with it. It’s that simple!

How to improve your self-care?

  • Create routines that work for you! Pushing yourself to do something you really don’t feel like doing won’t make you any happier and will turn into another kind of struggle. Therefore, experiment and find what really works for you! Grab some inspiration from these healthy habits that home-based entrepreneurs have shared. 
  • MAKE TIME. I can’t stretch this enough. To improve your self-care, you MUST make time for it. There is no in between. Even if it’s just 15 mins of yoga per day or weekly sauna. It can also look like a wine in the bath (or just wine bath, I’d totally prefer that one) with your favorite book or bird-watching in the park every day before you head for work. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. 
  • Start small. Don’t jump into a new gym routine first thing tomorrow, don’t throw out all of your junk food. Do things step by step. Relax bit by bit. Don’t scare yourself off

ROADBLOCK #4: Procrastination and/or ADHD

Oh, the good old procrastination, lack of focus and just – what seems to be – an inability to get ANYTHING done. Oh, I know the feels… 

I wouldn’t be surprised if statistically, procrastination would be #1 of the roadblocks to success and reasons why people don’t reach their goals.

I mean, if you can’t get out of the slump of laziness, how could you possibly reach what you’ve planned… 

It’s not because you’re a ‘chronic procrastinator.’ It’s because you’re afraid — of the feeling of failure, of getting rejected, of embarrassment and ridicule,of the true vulnerability that comes with really putting yourself out into the world.


When I was researching remedies to procrastination, I explored a thing called adult ADHD. 

ADHD is often associated with kids, however, adult ADHD is a very common problem and it’s directly related to procrastination. Adult ADHD is also known as the “shiny object syndrome” when you can’t keep your attention for long enough to make things work because you’re distracted by the next exciting thing in line. Be it a new project, a new product idea or anything alike. 

Read more in-depth research and tips for dealing with adult ADHD.

How to fight procrastination? 

  • Experiment with different productivity hacks. I know, I know… it’s a lot! But you won’t know what works for you unless you try. While someone might find the Pomodoro technique of 25/5 minute module extremely motivating, others prefer time blocking or must have a dedicated workspace to get things done. If you haven’t found what works for you yet, keep searching! 
  • Give yourself time to procrastinate. Sometimes we feel like all of our 24 hours should be scheduled for something and, preferably, that something should be useful! It’s true that scheduling your days will indeed help, however, it’s important to schedule some pure laziness as well! Just because you think you’ll manage to get your project done within 2 hours, doesn’t mean that in reality, you can focus for 2 hours straight. Give yourself some breathing space!

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ROADBLOCK #5: Imposter syndrome

Always being scared of not being good enough. Feeling like a fraud. Feeling like there’s more to learn, more to prepare BEFORE you make your big move. Talk about roadblocks to a profitable coaching business! 

The truth is, the progress happens along with the action. Unless you ACT, you are not able to learn, to improve, to get anything done.

Imposter syndrome is another common roadblock to success because people are afraid of failing. That’s quite obvious! But what’s the worst thing that can happen? You’ll just get up and try again.

If you let yourself be lead by imposter syndrome, you block yourself from the chance to learn and improve because you never put yourself out there in the first place… 

How to deal with imposter syndrome?

  • Give yourself a pat on the back for how far you’ve already come. We like to undermine our own experience and knowledge by comparing ourselves to others. Why? Appreciate your own path and give yourself some credit! Wherever you are, you have already been through something, you have already learned and improved. And while it might not be just as much as the guy next door, it is already more than you knew before! 
  • Compare yourself to your old self, not to others. As the previous point suggested, comparing yourself to others is a highway to burnout. There will always be somebody better than you! It’s a bummer but, well, also the truth. So be realistic and compare yourself only to your old self, not others. 
  • Understand that none of us know it all. Imposter syndrome gives you an idea that you should know more to get things done. But it’s not true. As long as you know the necessary steps to reach your goals – and I’m sure you already know them – you just need to get started. From there, you learn, you try, you fail, you do it again, now with more knowledge. 

It’s not because you’re lazy. You’re not lazy. Every person has that motivated gear in them. It’s just a matter of tapping into it through interests (passion) and habits (people fail to build habits out of fear.)


If any of these roadblocks to a successful coaching business seem familiar – know you’re not alone in this!

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