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Black Friday tips for coaches

Black Friday tips for coaches

Are you thinking about doing an offer for Black Friday? Here will be a few Black Friday tips for coaches! Get some guidelines and inspiration that will help you to prepare for the Black Friday ahead of us.


If you’ve been into the online business world for a bit, you already know that the Black Friday craze takes it over online just as much as it does within the real world.

As an online coach, you might be considering participating and creating some offers for this promotional period and this article is here to help you to get ready for it!


Black Friday tips for coaches


Black Friday tips for coaches

So here we have two scenarios to consider:

  • You already have a product you want to give an offer for
  • You want to pre-launch your offer using the BF sales mode

I have to say right off the bat – while both options are viable, the first one, most likely, will work better.

If you want to use Black Friday to launch a product, you’re entering a tricky zone. There will be so much noise online that it can be a lot harder to get the attention your product deserves.

On the other hand, doing an offer for an already existing product doesn’t have to be hard and, as long as it will pay off, you can try it out!


What are the variations for Black Friday deals to consider?

Do a discount. Here it’s important to note that 10% won’t make a difference. If you’re offering your product for BF, it’s important for that discount to really make a difference. I’d suggest doing it only if you can make it at least 30%!

Create a limited-time bundle. Do you have several courses, masterclasses or products you could bundle up in one deal? It doesn’t have to be something you offer on a daily basis! You can put a bundle together for the Black Friday period only.

Give high-end access to yourself for a special price. Instead of doing a low-priced product offer, you can focus on selling 1:1 spots for a special price! Either it’s coaching or 1:1 Voxer support, Black Friday can be a great opportunity to fill your 2024.


A few quick things to remember

  • It’s going to get busy! And promoting your offer 1x within this period WILL NOT cut it. Prep emails for each day, show up on Stories, maybe even find time to do a relevant Live (if it’s worth it for you!)
  • Remember that the timeline usually is a bit extended: some offers start as soon as middle of the month! While most will last from Thanksgiving on November 23rd until Black Friday next Monday. Of course, your deal can focus on one day only but keep in mind that not everyone might catch it.
  • You don’t HAVE TO participate. It’s totally up to you! I have decided not to take part in BF deals this year as the online world gets just a bit too busy these days.


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Unsure if you should create an offer for Black Friday?

If you are on the verge of whether or not to create an offer, consider these questions!

Do you WANT to participate or will you be doing it based on the fact that everyone else will have offers? If you’re creating an offer because you’re really excited to present it to your audience and now feels like the perfect time – do it!

Does it make sense for you investment-wise? Does the time, energy and money you will invest into getting your offer out there will actually pay off? Often it does! But it might be that you have to consider selling more high-end offer versus discounting your already low-priced products.

How do you feel about it energetically? Maybe everything makes sense but you just have that ugh feeling about Black Friday deals. If so, remember – you don’t have to participate! Use this as opportunity to skip the year and see how it goes.


Why I have decided not to participate in BF offers this year?

I have to say – several considerations played an important role here.

First of all, I often forget about Black Friday and it turns out to be last-minute FOMO-based action. I feel like everyone is selling something so I don’t want to be missing out! Then, I just take the first offer my way and turn it into a deal which rarely works as planned. Plus, to be honest, I rarely have had a solid plan for it (as I don’t remember about it until the last moment…)

Another consideration was the simple fact that the online world gets really busy around this time and my anxiety takes over. It’s very easy to feel like nothing you put out there is good enough when everyone and their mom is trying to sell something.

And the last but not least – it’s often just not worth with.


Hope these Black Friday tips for coaches will help you to make the right decision for you!

Are you planning to create an offer for Black Friday?


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