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The benefits of using Teachable for your online course

The benefits of using Teachable for your online course

The world of online course platforms can be very overwhelming. There are so many different variations to consider… How to choose the best fit?! Here will be the benefits of using Teachable – my favorite course platform.


Through the years I have tried and tested plenty of various online course platforms and Teachable has been my long-time favorite. It was actually the very first platform I ever used! And it has stayed my no.1 through all these years.

Either you are just starting your journey of course creation or you’re looking forward to moving from one platform to another, let’s review the benefits of using Teachable for your online course!


The benefits of using Teachable for your online course


Why do you need a course platform?

Course platforms – like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, LearnWorlds and others – are there to help you to deliver your content to your audience.

They don’t do the selling for you and don’t promote your content (!) but they give you a chance to create a space where your audience can make the purchase and access the content.

Most course platforms include at least the following:

  • Sales page/Thank you page builders
  • Checkout/Payment gateway
  • Course student info storage
  • Course content storage

They make the learning experience more seamless and take the guesswork out of it. So if you are thinking about adding courses to your digital offers, you need a platform to make it all happen!


The benefits of using Teachable for your online course

Choosing the best platform truly can be a major challenge. There are just SO many different options and each of them seem to have their pro’s and cons. If you want to get a more in-depth insight into your options, make sure to check out this free review of the most popular platforms.

The best course platform review

However, if you want to avoid the overwhelm and just find the easiest and the best way to do it right way – welcome to Teachable!


You can get started for free

Yes, their free plan is BACK. This means that you can set up and sell your online courses without ANY subscription fees.

You’d need to pay from each sale made ($1 + 10% transaction fee) but this happens only after your sale is made.

Besides that, their free plan includes UNLIMITED courses and all of the other must-have features like sales page builder, payment gateway connections and more.

I’ve been hosting my courses there for free FOR YEARS. The only two inconveniences are the inability to connect the domain name or connect to third-party apps like email marketing services (unless you upgrade).


The user interface is clean and easy to use

It’s always been super important for me that the platform LOOKS GOOD and feels good to use. And Teachable really does!

It’s minimal and simple, the backend solutions are very clear and straightforward, the learning curve shouldn’t be too high.

Overall the platform is nice to use and creates a good user experience on both sides – for you, as well as your clients.


The Sales page builder is very straightforward and effective

Creating effective sales pages can be a whole another challenge and an easy-to-use Sales page builder can truly go a long way.

Well, lucky for us, Teachable has implemented a new page builder (version 2.0) with some simple yet effective solutions that can be easily manageable with or without any previous knowledge.

They have implemented a drag & drop page builder features which means that you can use various page blocks and easily combine your own perfect sales page. Besides that, you have control over details like colors, buttons, size of the text used, etc.

It’s hard to say that this would be the best solution ever. BUT it’s easy to work with and definitely way better than most of the other course platform page builders (for example, Thinkific or Podia…).

The benefits of using Teachable for your online course


They have an on-site 1:1 coaching platform

This used to be a paid option only but now it’s also available for the free plan!

The 1:1 Coaching platform is the perfect fit for online coaches who do 1:1 coaching as well. Besides that, if you want to sell your course and offer 1:1 support, this can also come in handy.

Within this product you can:

  • Choose how the clients can enroll – directly, by filling out a form or filling out a form AND having your approval.
  • Use any of the standard pricing options, for example, free, one-time payment or subscription-based.
  • Start it right away or set a date.
  • Create milestones and add in specific dates for each Milestone
  • Create Sales and Thank you pages
  • Preview how the student will see the space


These are just some of the benefits of using Teachable.

The list could go on and include other features and, for example, the simple fact that their team is AMAZING and they are always working to improve the product. There are also plenty of free resources and guides coming out regularly, all of which can be a great help in this course creation journey.

I definitely stand by the choice of this platform and will continue always making it my no.1 suggestion for my clients, as well as you!


Connect with me on Instagram to learn more @coursecreationlab.

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