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Beautiful presentation templates for online courses

Where to find the most beautiful presentation templates for online courses? Here’s a collection of great slide designs for course creators!


Finding suitable template for your course material presentations can be quite challenging. Mostly because there are just SO MANY options!

As I’m working with course creators daily, I have explored some of the most beautiful presentation templates for online courses and webinars – and here you can see my favorites.


What to keep in mind when choosing template for your course content?

There truly are plenty of various beautiful template options for your online courses. You can see some more categories reviewed in this article about the best templates for online coaches.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing which template to purchase:

  • Does it align with your brand voice? If the template is playful and creative but your brand is straight-forward and minimal, it might not be the best fit.
  • Do you have similar branding colors? While you can (and you should) update the colors of the template, it will be easier to understand how good of a fit the template will be to your brand if you have similar colors as the template.
  • Does it have the slides you need?
  • Is it simple enough for you to use? Some template packages come with 100 and more different styles of slides and it can be SUPER overwhelming to ever try to get through it… Not even talking about actual designing process! So make sure to consider how many different slides are offered and how many of those you will actually need.
  • Could the bundle be more useful? There are plenty of beautiful bundles for course creators where you can get Workbook designs along with the Slide Decks and more. If you feel like it might be a better fit, purchase a bundle right away, therefore, saving your time and money! You can check out some of the bundled offers here.

Beautiful presentation templates for online courses

Webinar + Course Slide Deck for Coaches


Webinar + Course Slide Deck Template


Canva Slide Deck for eCourse/Webinar


Webinar Course Slide Deck

Webinar Course Slide Deck Kayla



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