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Course creation trends for 2023

Course creation trends for 2022

Creating an online course is an amazing way to earn additional income or even turn all of your offline experience into an online business. Especially these days, online courses really have taken a whole another level of importance! Here are some course creation trends for 2023 to consider for your courses.


2023 is an opportunity year, as I like to think.

The beginning of this decade definitely has been a whirlwind without much clarity…

Now, we’ve somewhat found peace with the world as it is today and what’s important – have embraced the ways how to make the best out of it!

For example, online courses!

Course creation has been a major thing since around 2015… But, of course, the growth has gradually increased over years and, as Covid hit, online education and course creation was taken to a whole new level.

I recently saw an article that said that the course income will raise from $5 billion/per year to $25 billion/per year in the next few years… Make sure to hop on this trend now if you haven’t already.

So what are some course creation trends for 2023 to consider?


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A quick disclaimer: Whether you see these trends as great and decide to follow is up to you. The perfect way to build your online course depends on your topic, your audience and your own goals NOT the trends!


Course creation trends for 2023


Course creation trends for 2023

COURSE CREATION TREND #1: Very niche-specific topics

First of all, small and niche-specific topics are big in course creation trends.

Having a clear focus and not being afraid to go very niche definitely is in for 2022!

While several years back, a course on “Social media management” could be very well sold, these days we can see a lot of more specific topics. For example, “Pinterest marketing for Etsy sellers” or “How to build an engaged audience on Instagram”.

Some people like it because they’re learning to embrace new knowledge one skill at a time.

Others are very clear on what they need to know so they seek it right away.

Also, these days we just have so much excessive information everywhere that it’s precious to know what to focus on.

Niche-specific topic requests very in-depth information, actionable guides and WORKING strategies. Which leads us to the next point…


COURSE CREATION TREND #2: Actionable courses

Shorter but more on-point courses are very important!

This means that your course should provide actionable, doable ideas that your students can implement to get closer to their goals, step by step.

How to make sure your course is actionable?

  • Provide a clear step-by-step path. Explain what steps they will need to take to get to the finish line and why.
  • Include worksheets and to-do lists to follow. The included worksheets should be highly relevant! Don’t add more material UNLESS it actually makes sense!
  • Create quizzes. Interactive elements like quizzes can be a great learning material and they can also improve the completion rate.
  • Do Lives and Q&A’s. Giving your audience a chance to interact with you Live can bring your online course to a whole another level.
  • Offer homework and accountability options. This can be something they’d need to send in or share with their accountability partners – or you – within the group of the course.

What people want from online courses are results. And to get results, they want exact steps to take.

Yes, any supportive information and guidance always is a good idea. But the base of the course should always be focused on reaching the goals this course sets!

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COURSE CREATION TREND #3: Videos with subtitles

2022 is the year when the focus is on diversity and reaching all of the possible target groups.

By creating videos with subtitles you’re targeting several groups of potential students: those who prefer visual learning, those who are eager to listen and those who like to read. Besides, your content also becomes more accessible for visually OR hearing impaired!

It’s not a secret that many digital marketing efforts are based on videos. In the recent few years, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have focused their efforts on video improvements.

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, TikTok, Youtube. All of these platforms and features have proven that people do love videos.

Now, it’s up to you to follow the trend and not forget the subtitles!


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COURSE CREATION TREND #4: Flexible pricing plans

This trend is especially important if your course is on the higher end of the price list.

Flexible pricing plans are an amazing way to attract more students and embrace them to make the purchase. Let’s be honest – not all of us have hundreds waiting to be spared for a course we’d like to buy.

An example of a flexible course pricing plan is the option to buy with one payment that gives a discount or choose a payment plan that separates the price into several payments.

Another way to diversify your pricing would be by giving them an upgrade option, for example, with an additional group or Live sessions provided in a more expensive plan.

There are many studies that prove how different payment plans really attract different audiences. Therefore – leading more students to your course!


COURSE CREATION TREND #5: Simple systems, checkouts and platforms

We live in a time when no one has any (time)…

All people really want is to have SIMPLE & FAST solutions.

Checkout that doesn’t take time.

Signup process that is seamless.

Onboarding that makes sense.

Several years ago course creators always were eager to create their own websites and databases, host their courses via plugins or other rather complicated setup systems.

But these days online course creation platforms have improved so much that even the biggest course creators choose to use them.

These platforms not only make the life of a course creator easier but also makes it easier for a student to participate in several courses with ease – keeping them all on one, easy-to-use platform.

We all are seeking the most effective ways to run our businesses and daily lives. And with technologies as advanced as these days, the platform really shouldn’t waste anyone’s time.


COURSE CREATION TREND #6: Provide group support and/or coaching

After years of isolation and lack of human contact, online group setting has become the new normal way of interacting with others. (What a world to live in, ay!)

It’s always a nice option to have group support or group coaching added to the course.

If it’s Live coaching, it can also increase the price of the product. (Although this definitely isn’t a must-have, especially if you’re creating an evergreen offer!)

However, just setting up a group can be a great way to foster a sense of community and make your students stick around for longer, without any additional investment on your end.

If this is something that might fit into your course creation plan, make sure to consider it.

Circle might be the best platform for creating a space for your online course community (you can even host your courses and do Lives there!) 


COURSE CREATION TREND #7: Embrace hybrid module learning

It’s not enough anymore to just have some pre-recorded videos and call it a day.

If you are willing to take your user experiences to the next level and truly experience fascinating client transformation – it’s time to embrace hybrid module learning!

This entitles creating fulfilling EXPERIENCES, based on your exact student needs, readiness and background.

For some, it will include a bigger range of learning materials while for others it might mean more interactive experiences, more use of supportive group space and similar.


What else do you need to know about course creation trends for 2023?

The most important trend is to CARE ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE.

With all these courses, blogs, videos and marketing strategies all over the place, the most important thing is to stay close to your audience, listen to their needs and be honest with them.

That’s what really matters if you’re trying to create a sellable product.


What are some of your favorite course creation trends for 2023? Have you already implemented these in your courses?

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