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Improve your user experience

Improve your user experiences

Creating an online course or a digital offer is the easy part. Backend funnels and user experiences is where it gets tricky… What does having a good user experience mean? Learn how to improve your user experience and increase your sales along with that.


Your user experience can make or break your sales…

As I’m improving my student experiences, I, once again, got reminded of how many moving – and not so moving – parts are included in the process.

And it’s so easy to just FORGET.

How many times have I set everything up, launched a course just to forget about a Thank You or Checkout page… 🤦‍♀️

So here’s my reminder for you to be aware of your user experience when they’re purchasing a product & REVIEW what you’ve set up.


Improve your user experience


Improve your user experience

What does “user experience” mean?

As we walk in a physical store, our user experience would cover each step along the way: how we’re welcomed, the vibe of the shop, the looks of the shopping card, prices, smell in the air, any bonuses we’d get at the end of our purchase (a free sample, anyone?!)

When it comes to digital products, your users go through a similar path of user experience.

First, it’s the promo or any type of info they see about the product. Then, the Sales page, the looks of it, the language used. Afterward, we go more in-depth into the funnel. Checkout page, Thank You page, Welcome email and well beyond.

Your users should feel like they’re the most important part of this journey. Because they are!

Each step along the way should be taken care of.

For example, after the purchase is made and your buyer lands on the Thank You page, it should be nurturing, informative. Instead of being dismissive or forgotten altogether!

Your user experience can make or break the sales.

You must make your users feel taken care of each step along the way. This will improve your turnaround, increase the possible sales in the future from the same students, as well as increase the possibility of them sharing their own great experiences with others!


What does your funnel consist of?

Your user experience is your sales funnel, as well as anything that comes before and after. Technically, all of your student, client and reader interactions with you would translate into a part of the user experience.

Here are some parts of it to be especially aware of when it comes to taking care of your user experiences:

👉 Sales page. The most obvious one but oh so often I’ve seen Sales pages with various errors! Buttons that don’t work or lead to old offers. Grammar mistakes. Functionality issues. Check your Sales pages!

👉 Thank You page. Often forgotten! On platforms like Teachable Thank You page is set up automatically and often gets overlooked in the setup. Sometimes people forget about it when going through a rebranding. Is all the info on your Thank You page still relevant? Can you improve or update it in any way? Thank You page can be such a valuable platform for guiding your student through the next steps!!

👉 Upsell pages. Does the purchase of your product lead to an upsell? Is the Upsell relevant? All links in place? Everything working?

👉 Welcome emails. Most likely, your audience receive an email after making the purchase. Is it automated by the platform? What does it say? Do you have it connected to your email marketing platform? If not, can you make the connection?

👉 Follow-up sequence. Oh boy, let’s take a moment for all those outdated email sequences out there! I’m a victim of that one, big time… When was the last time you checked the email sequence your audience receive? If you’re just working on your email marketing funnel, make sure to read this! 

👉 Other things to review: links within PDFs & your lessons, Welcome lesson, Tripwire products.


3 Steps to improve your user experience

First of all, it’s important to be AWARE of each step along the way.

For example, many online course creation platforms would automatically set up Checkout and Thank You pages, making it very easy to forget about their existence.

Therefore, it’s especially important to create a roadmap of your user experience from the very first interaction with your content to the after-sale communication. That will help you to recognize what your users actually go through while and after making the purchase.

The next thing to do regularly would be to REVIEW your user experiences. One thing is to set everything up but a whole another deal is to actually regularly check if everything is working as planned.

Sometimes we put out Upsell offers on Thank You pages or add links to offers that might get outdated. Therefore, it’s cruical to be aware of this (the roadmap will help! and change any of the possibly broken links or outdated offers.

Besides that, sometimes the system works alright once you set it up but then, turns out, something has been updated and it doesn’t look the same or doesn’t have the same functionality! So, once again, it’s crucial to check in with your systems once in a while and make sure your audience is taken care of.


When was the last time you reviewed your funnels? Make sure to improve your user experience to get the best results from your sales funnels.


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