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The best project management tools for coaches

The best project management tools for online coaches

What are some of the best project management tools for coaches? How to find the best fit for your digital product organizing?


Lift your hand if you’re done with project management tools 🙈

I’ve had a neverending (and I mean it!) journey of finding the perfect project management system that…

  • is easy (!!!) and super simple
  • has several features that help me to organize more easily (but not too many!! lol)
  • and the list goes on

And through this post, I want to share more of my experiences.

Finding a trustworthy, easy-to-use and overall EFFECTIVE option between all of the available project management tools can be a bit of a joyride…


The best project management tools for online coaches


What is a project management system?

A project management system is a tool/app/software – or whatever it might be – that helps you to organize your projects, either it’s your business in general, work with clients, teamwork or anything beyond, including online course creation.

Most project management systems have a rather similar offer that would include one or all of the following features:

  • A way to organize your to-do’s/a to-do list
  • Calendar view for scheduling
  • Board view for content or idea management
  • Timeline view for team management
  • And others


What are the key indications of good project management tools for coaches?

The answer to this question most definitely will depend on your own preferences and needs.

If you’re working solo, your needs might be way different than working with a team.

My biggest challenge is the ease of use – it’s hard to follow through if it’s not simple enough…

I used to LOVE the simplest options that just give me a chance to stay on top of my to-do list. However, with time, my business started to request some more options.

But, at the end of the day, it still had to be SEAMLESS.


Which are the best project management tools for coaches?

Some of the options that didn’t make the list below…

  • To-doist
  • Asana
  • Evernote

All of the above options I have used at some point but none of them gave me any good experiences.

Asana has improved quite a lot over time though so it might be a good fit for you if you’re searching for a project management system that will work for all of your team. For the others, I don’t really have more comments than – it just wasn’t for me…

So here are some of my favorites!


Google Calendar

For the longest time, I had the best success with Google Calendar as it was simple but effective. However, I fell off that bandwagon… as I needed a biiiit more in-depth option.

The biggest pros of Google Calendar:

  • Easy synchronization on all of your devices + most of the apps/scheduling tools, for example, Zoom
  • An option to color-tag your tasks and easily manage your day
  • Fast and easy editing/task moving.

In my experience, Google Calendar is the perfect fit for those who just need a simple way to organize a to-do list, those who want to become more organized in their day-to-day life.



Trello has been the longest project management system that I have ever used.

I managed my course projects there & started to use the space for my own projects as well. It’s been working like charm for quite a while and is my no.1 choice at this point.

The biggest pros of Trello:

  • Easy content management (perfect for digital product creation)
  • Free to add other members on your boards for collaboration

However, Trello gets tricky in terms of scheduling or more flexible views. Yes, their Pro plan also offers a Calendar and Timeline view. But if you want to stay on the free version, it won’t be as easy to manage…



When I started to explore other options, I found out that ClickUp is one of the most promoted options.

However, I was quick to discover that I absolutely hate this platform!

For me, it was way too complicated to get started with and the setup of it alone took just too much of my sanity – impossible to keep up with!

The biggest pros of Clickup:

  • Very in-depth options in terms of project management: you can have various views, connect different parts, add in documents, truly organize it all.
  • They have a great system for bigger team management that’d help you to stay on track.

It’s definitely worthwhile if you’re working on various projects and have a team to manage!



Monday is very, very similar to ClickUp in the look and the functionality of the platform. However, I found it to be way simpler to get started with and, therefore, a more charming option for me.

I was falling in love with the platform just to discover that all of the features that I actually loved the most are for the paid plan only… Well, I didn’t love it that much after all.

The biggest pros of Monday:

  • It has very wide functionality and plenty of different views and task management systems available
  • It’s great for managing bigger projects or teams

However, be ready to upgrade for full functionality!



I had heard about Notion for a good while but never paid too much attention to it… I knew it’s good and especially used by plenty of VA’s. However, it never really got my attention until just recently.

And I realized it’s all I’ve ever needed!

I’m freakin’ damn serious here.

  • It’s EASY but has EVERYTHING included.
  • There is no maze-like feeling as it is on Clickup or Monday.
  • It has more than Trello board view – all available for free! And you CAN get the Trello board view as well, if that’s your jam.
  • It’s easy to move the elements and interact with different features

The biggest pros of Notion:

  • You can easily create effective calendar views for whatever projects you need – may it be one or many, in one or many calendars
  • Easy to-do lists, board views, etc.
  • It’s 100x simpler than ClickUp or Monday and 100x more effective than Trello (you can have Trello view there as well)

It’s for free when you use it alone and SUPER budget-friendly when used with others.

Long story short – I’ve been on it for one day, let’s see how long this one lasts…


Share your favorite project management tools for coaches below!

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