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What to do when the sales are slow?

What to do when the sales are slow

You might’ve found yourself in a spot where… nothing seems to be going as planned. Your sales have dropped, either because of the season or other reasons, and you just feel like… blah. What to do when the sales are slow?!


There can be many different reasons why your sales numbers have decreased but in either case, there is plenty you can do about it.

Before we dive into specific tips on how to get active and improve your sales numbers, consider slowing down!

Yes, sometimes we’re in this mad rush for more, more, more. But maybe this decrease in sales comes as a reminder to slow down and take time for yourself before diving head-first into your business again.

Anyhow, let’s get to those sales now!


What to do when the sales are slow


What to do when the sales are slow?

IDEA #1: Go Live in relevant Facebook groups

Usually, Facebook group owners are very open to hosting Live guests.

Having Live videos increases the value of the group. And often the owners themselves don’t have as much time to make it happen… So they “outsource”.

For you, this can be a wonderful chance to let more people know about you and your business, as well as gain new clientele and establish good relationships with the owner of the group.

Before you start pitching your idea to group owners, make sure to have a clear topic in mind or maybe even several variations the owner can consider.

How to find groups that’ll let you go live?

  • Check out the groups you’re already participating in. Would any of them find your knowledge valuable? If so, reach out to the owner and let them know your field of expertise!
  • Instagram can be a great way to spread awareness: post a story letting your followers know that you’re searching for such opportunities or contact directly people who you know are group owners.
  • Google it. The good old Google can deliver you a list of treasures! And there you can also find lists of relevant Facebook groups. In some, you can go Live without getting it pre-scheduled!


IDEA #2: Create a new freebie

As you might feel a bit demotivated to keep going, shift your focus to growing your mailing list and remember to GIVE VALUE to your already existing audience. It’s not all about always making more and more sales, right?!

I currently have at least 5 active freebies but I still regularly come up with some new free content!

A new freebie will make your existing audience feel nourished and it will also… well… grow your mailing list (which later can turn into paid customers).

Often we overlook the value of new freebies because there’s just so much to do related to other of our tasks… So now it might be a perfect time!

How to come up with new freebie ideas?

  • Review what ideas you might’ve had in the past. For me, this is the best goldmine! Usually, I write down any ideas I have, either for products, posts or freebies. So once I feel like I’m out of ideas, I find these lists and get a great dose of inspiration.
  • Review your most-liked posts. Either on Instagram, Facebook or blog, see what topics your audience is the most interested in and think about a way to give them even more value through a related freebie!
  • See what others are up to! I’m not inspiring you to be a copycat but seeing what your competitors are talking about may as well give you a great dose of inspiration!


IDEA #3: Review your Instagram strategy

Instagram can be a great driving force for improving your sales and if your Instagram strategy is not doing the job, it might be time to revamp it!

Here are some experiments you can do to evaluate what could improve your Instagram strategy:

  • Do more stories and show your face! Interact with your audience either in a quick 15-sec video or a whole short video sequence. This can build trust so quickly!
  • Engage more. Leave meaningful comments for the people you follow as well as your perfect clients and your followers. Interact with Stories and get into natural conversations (not cold-messaging!)
  • Create your first Reel or post an IGTV (if you haven’t already!)
  • Do Instagram Live. Yet another great chance to improve your credibility.

Later you can evaluate what works best for you and which of the strategies you want to keep working on.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your Instagram account and make sales more easily, join us in Course Creator Hub where we talk about Instagram growth quite a lot!


IDEA #4: Send out an email to your list – my favorite thing to do when the sales are slow!

So often we overlook our already existing customers!

When was the last time you send an email campaign to your list, sharing what you are selling? For many, it definitely has been WAY too long…

  • Decide what product do you want to promote
  • Create a 5 email sequence
  • Add in a special offer
  • Set it up to go out next week!

You can also work on creating a more effective email marketing funnel to boost your sales in the future.


IDEA #5: Collaborate with other creatives

There are so many wonderful ways how you can collaborate with other creatives in your field. And, the best news, you’ll BOTH benefit from such collaboration!

As I already mentioned before, one of the ways is to do a FB Live on their group. However, you can also offer to do a Live Q&A Session with both of you present! Or collaborative IG Live.

Besides these, there are so many other options…

  • Create a collaborative freebie with someone who has a similar audience like yours
  • Create a Masterclass together! Double the value for your audience.
  • Exchange Interview posts or Guest posts.
  • Promote each other’s offers, posts or anything else relevant


I hope these ideas inspired you to take some action today. The worst thing that we can do when the sales are slow is to give up or get demotivated.

There are always other, often overlooked, business aspects you can focus on and, along the way, by improving them you’ll also help your business strive and improve!


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