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How to create a course for free? (No investment at all!)

How to create a course for free? (No investment at all!)

Is it really possible to create a course for free? Yes, it absolutely is! And there are no tricks to it.


For years, I invested nothing in my courses and they still made sales.

I can tell you first-hand that creating a profitable course and making consistent course sales IS possible even without any investment.

As your business grows (and you’re actually making money already) of course, you might find the upgrades valuable. However, it’s not a must to get started with all the most expensive options (or invest anything…)

It’s common to hear that without the investment there won’t be a real return and to create a REAL business, you will have to invest.

Well. I call that BS.

Invest when you feel ready, when you need to or want to.

It’s not a must to invest if your business is rolling without that as well…

Here will be some platforms and tools that will help you to create a course for free.


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How to create a course for free? (No investment at all!)

Keep in mind before starting for free

Many platforms often offer to start for free but there are many additional requirements or rules coming along with that.

For example, limited students that can be enrolled or any other trick that might surprise you once you’re already all set up and ready to roll.

The platforms covered below can be used for free for an unlimited amount of time and they give you most of the necessary options fully available – without any hidden secrets.

However, keep in mind that, for example, on Teachable you will pay % for each purchase made. So once the sale has gone through, they will keep their part of the %.

It makes sense and it’s a common practice. However, make sure to review these rules and the small print to know what exactly you’re signing up for.

Your Course Creation Membership : Create an online course, step by step

How to create a course for free (no investment at all!)

Free Canva account for your course graphics

These days everyone seems to already know Canva.

It’s a free online designing platform where you can easily design pretty much any graphic you need.

Besides that, they also have plenty of free templates available on the platform.

How to use Canva for your course?

  • Design your course materials: slides, worksheets
  • Design promo materials
  • Create sales page materials
  • etc.

Until this day, I still use free Canva to design most of my graphics (although I do have the experience with Adobe Suite, I actually opted in to use Canva as it seemed easier to manage).

I have tried the upgrade but it didn’t give me any real benefits so downgraded back to the free plan.

Canva is widely used by online coaches, business owners and well beyond.


Canva for video recording

While there are many different – and often low-budget – ways how to record your course content, for the free option, I’d suggest using Canva. Especially, if you’re creating slide-based materials and are already building them using Canva.

Other great options for recording:


Free Teachable account for hosting your online school & enrolling students

Yes, Teachable’s free plan is back (they took it off the market for quite a while!).

It means a FREE and UNLIMITED option to set up as many courses as you want and enroll as many students as you can.

I used the free option for several years. The only reason why I upgraded was the email marketing integration and coupon codes. But it can be fully functional even without the upgrade.

Teachable has always been one of my favorite course creation platforms. I’ve been on it since 2015 (it was actually the first course platform I ever signed up for!) and despite trying almost all of the most popular options out there, I’ve never changed it up.

The option to get started for free definitely comes in handy if you’re just trying to figure out the best fit for you.

The only payment you’d need to make would be after someone has purchased your offers – Teachable automatically deducts a fee out of each payment. Which actually is a common practice even for most upgraded platforms.

Other tools and platforms to create a course for free

  • Systeme.io – fully functional all-in-one business platform FOR FREE
  • MemberVault – course platform
  • Thinkific – course platform (limited courses available on the free plan)
  • Crello – online designing platform (similar like Canva)
  • StockSnap and Pexels – free stock photos
  • MailerLite – free email marketing (for up to 1000 subs)

When to invest in your course business?

Many people feel like without investment there will be no return, therefore, there is this pressure to invest even though you might not feel ready or, quite possibly, your business doesn’t really request it.

I’d definitely suggest upgrading your subscriptions and possibly choosing higher-end platforms or tools when it really becomes a necessity.

The truth is, you can earn just as much by using free options as you could by upgrading or using paid options!

It’s never about the platform itself but about the content you put in your course.

Once you’re ready to scale, serve more people and your courses are starting to take off – or, at least, they’ve proven to be profitable – you can take the leap into upgrades.

Often upgrades are all about having better systems and integrations. So if that plays a major role, you might also be looking at the need to upgrade.


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