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Thinkific pros & cons for course creators

Thinkific pros and cons for course creators

Are you considering using Thinkific for your online course? This article will go over Thinkific pros and cons for course creators.

You can also learn more in this free guide to online course platforms.


What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a learning management platform that gives you a chance to host and sell your digital course or membership.

Like most learning management platforms, Thinkific gives you an easy back-end management for your course portal, sales pages, thank you pages, checkout, customer management and other elements you might need to successfully start selling digital courses.

Below, let’s talk a bit more about Thinkific pros and cons for online course creators!

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Thinkific pros and cons for course creators

Thinkific pros and cons for online course creators

The pros of using Thinkific for an online course setup

As Thinkific has most of the same features as many other learning management systems, below I won’t state some of the obvious facts like “it has a sales page builder”.

Yes, it does give you functions like:

  • Student enrollment, checkout, management
  • Course content upload and systemizing
  • Pricing tier options for your products
  • Page builder, including sales and thank you pages

Instead, learn what makes Thinkific better than other platforms, and what features and options stand out!

PRO NO.1: Sales page templates

One of my favorite things about Thinkific is that they offer sales page templates to get started with.

For comparison, their closest competitor Teachable has just one default sales page layout to work with.

Meanwhile, Thinkific gives you a variety of setups to choose from: different preset colors, fonts and styles to work with.

PRO NO.2: Thinkific has a community feature

A forum, group – call it what you want. Thinkific has it and I consider it being THE key factor of why it stands out from other course creation platforms.

Having a built-in community space can be an amazing feature to use for your course or membership website, as more and more people move away from Facebook and prefer to reduce their time on social media.

Plus having a community space on Facebook can be just plain distracting…

PRO NO.3: It has a 30-day free trial

I mean, who doesn’t love a free trial! Get yours here.

This gives you a chance to explore the other side of Thinkific and how it functions, all on your own. Plus you can even start enrolling your students and see how profitable is your idea!

PRO NO.4: They know what they’re doing

Thinkific is a platform that has been in the market for “long enough” and have established their presence. This means that they have done their fair share of trial and error and they’ve grown exponentially since the first time I got on the platform around 2016/17.


The cons of using Thinkific for an online course setup

As I always say, all of the course platforms have their set of pros and cons, it’s just inevitable. Ultimately, it’s not the question of “which is the best course platform to use?”. Instead, it’s all about choosing the one that suits YOU the best and, well, has the least cons in your eyes.

Keep in mind though: what might be stated and important for me, might not be all that relevant for you…

CON NO.1: It’s expensive

I could give you the whole rundown of Thinkific’s history and how it “used to cost $39/per month” (oh, the good old days) BUT the reality of now is that the monthly price of Thinkific is starting from $79/monthly and, let’s be honest, it’s a lot for a course platform, especially, if you’re just getting started…

I want to leverage this though. All of the platforms are getting slightly more expensive. Even their closes competitor recently increased its pricing from the lowest being $29 to $59… Talk about a leap in pricing!

CON NO.2: The landing page builder can be annoying af

Pardon my French but it really can be a pain…

Unfortunately, this page builder is rather limited and can be hard to manage when it comes to page design details. There are a set of features you can use and customize but there’s a limit to the extent in which it can be done.

It wouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re flexible with your sales page design plans though!

CON NO.3: Limited integrationsΒ 

To be fair, this is the case with many course platforms: each will have its own set of built-in integrations.

However, to set up any next-level connections, for example, sending various email sequences to various course enrollments, you will have to use platforms like Zapier for an upgrade.


I hope this insight in Thinkific pros and cons gave you a good idea of whether or not this might be your perfect fit platform!

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